Study tips for 12th class students in Pakistan

This page is not the original thing you will be reading to get the tips. This is just a link page and you will open the links to read the separate complete posts for every topis. So, I have also described briefly every link and have told you what the link points to. Although you can see the link text and can judge the content of the linked post.

Study Tips for HSSC or 12th class Students

The categories of various types are given and the linked posts are according to those main categories. I have divided the page into sections each separate for FA, F.Sc, I.Com, and ICS and also some diplomas which are equal to FSc, FA or ICOM etc.

Study Tips for FA Students

Here are the tips for the students who are doing or have done their intermediate with arts subjects

1. Which subjects to choose in FA

This post explains what you should study in FA. There is a variety of subjects you can study at an intermediate or higher secondary level. You must choose the subjects that will give you a good return. So, I have compiled a list of all subjects for simple FA.

2. How Simple FA is better than FSc

This post explains why you should do simple FA instead of FSc under particular conditions. I have explained various factors which tell that fa is better than FSc. So, in that case, you should choose fa instead of FSc.

3. Total Marks of FA

This post explains the division of marks for all subjects of FA. How many marks you need to pass the exams etc.

4. Scope of Simple FA in Pakistan

Study Tips for FSc Students

Here are study tips for science students for class 12th. Please read every linked post. Choose which tips you require. Open the link and the new complete post will open.

1. Should you join an academy in FSc?

This is a very interesting detailed post which explains when you should join the academy and when you should not join an academy in F.Sc. Read the complete post and I hope you will enjoy it.

2. Time table template for FSc students

This post explains the importance of timetables for Fsc students. The post tells you why a timetable is a good thing for the students. Some tips are given on how to prepare a timetable and follow it. What factors should you keep in mind while making a time table?

3. Total marks of FSc

This post has the details of marks of FSc part 1. The students should know the marks division and the marks of every subject for both theory and practical exams. The post is the details of marks of fsc all subjects.

4. Scope of FSc in Pakistan

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Study Tips for I.Com

This section have posts written for Icom students. I.Com is basically all about studying commerce subjects at an intermediate level. Here are the posts for ICom students.

1. Total marks of I.Com

This post explains the total marks and marks division for Icom all subjects.

2. I.Com subjects names / List

This post shows the names of all subjects of Icom. The commerce subjects including statistics, business maths, economics, accounting, etc are given and all other subjects that I.Com students study and the details of all subjects is given in this post.

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Study Guide for ICS/ Computer Science Students

This section explains all the problems and issues related to the students of ICS i.e Computer science. So, you can proceed to pick up any or all of the following topics to study an individual complete post. 

1. Total Marks of ICS

I have not given here the link to the post which explains the total marks of ics. I  have done this because that this is the same post as describes the total marks of FA, F.Sc and I.Com. So you can open that link to read about the total marks of ICS.

2. ICS Subjects names / list

This post explains all the subjects that ICS students study in their course. The ics subjects list is given in this post.

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