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The concerns over privacy have increased as our dependency on the internet and online services has increased. So, the users have the right to learn which of their personal information is used by websites. We have mapped out our privacy policy in this regard. You can have a look at it below.


This privacy policy tells you which of your information is kept private and which is shared with other third-party partners and how it is shared.

1. Definitions of Terms

Here are the terms which are used in this policy. The term 'we' or 'us' is used to refer to this blog (Study Pak). 'We' means the Study Pak ( and "you" refers to anyone who is reading this page. It may be anyone who uses our website or access it online. "Privacy" means keeping your private information safe. "Personal/Private Information" means your sensitive information that you may not want to share publically. 

2. Type of information we gather

We may access your personal information by storing cookies on your browser. When you visit this website, some of your personal information is accessed by this website. The information may include your name, gender, geolocation, email ID, in some cases your phone number, address, your browser history, etc. The cookies may tell us when and where you accessed our website.

3. Why we collect this information?

We collect this information to determine various factors. We want to know your interest to serve you with the best ads here. Google Adsense may display you the relevant ads and other services. Your information is used to analyze our web traffic. Google analytics may access the information about your location, information about the device you are using to access this website, your country, the page you visited on our website, how often you visit our website, your browser history etc. All this information is used to get traffic analytics to better understand our own services and scope. Simply said, your information is used for the following purposes

  • showing you the relevant ads
  • offering you with the most relevant content
  • making it easy for you to access our all services
  • giving your access to our restricted content

4. The Third-party vendors

We have third party vendors including Google, and other ad networks serving ads on this website. They may access the information like which website you visited in the past etc so that they may serve you with better ads. Google uses cookies to get this information from your browser. You can always optout of personalized ads by visiting ads setting. We have the following thirdpaty vendors:

  • Google for serving relevant ads
  • Facebook comment system plugin (see the privacy policy of facebook)
  • Disqus comment system
  • Email subscription widget
  • Contact Form
  • Google Analytics

Terms of Usage

  1. We use your information only for enhancing our own services and to serve you a better experience on our website. We do not use your information in any other way.
  2. We do not disclose or sell your personal information to any third party. We keep your information confidential and secret. 
  3. We do not collect any sensitive information like the information about your credit card, bank account, home address, or your job and salary etc. If you click on an ad on this website, it may take you to a different address where they may ask you such information. In that case, terms of using Google Adsense and other advertisement partners may bo looked at. 
  4. We are a partner with Google and you should also follow the privacy policy of Google and the Adsense programs to get a broader idea of how your information is used and accessed.
  5. The third-party vendors may sell your products when you visit thier website after clicking the ads. So, whenever you reach their website, you must follow their privacy policy.
  6. You can even choose not to track you or use your browser cookies in your browser settings.
  7. This policy is subject to change as or when we have new things to add or remove. We do not inform the visitors about any change in the privacy policy. You should visit our privacy page in order to check your privacy terms.

Networking with other websites

We have other friends and partner websites. We have given the link to other website and they have their own privacy policy. If you visit a website by a link on this website, you may see their privacy policy as it might be different from this one. Any information collected on those websites will not be attributed to us.

For any details or further information, please feel free to contact us. You may like to visit our about page to learn more about us.

Last Updated: 28-10-2019

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