Career Guidance for arts students in Pakistan

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Career guidance and counseling for arts students

Career advice for arts students in Pakistan

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Careers after 10th class with arts

Below are all the posts that explain what you can do after matric with the arts. The posts explain the options you are left with after passing your 10th class with arts or humanities group. You can see that the matric, 10th class etc refer to Secondary School Certificate (SSC) which is a secondary level course. Please choose any link below to read the full post about the topics

1. All options after matric with arts

This post explains what you can do after passing matric or 10th class with arts subjects. I have explained the study options, the study fields you can choose, and the subjects you can read further in higher education.

2. Diploma courses after matric with arts

In this post, I have explained the diploma courses which you can do after doing matric with arts. If you have passed 10th class with arts or humanities subjects, you can then read this post if you want to know which courses are best for you.

3. Fields after matric with arts

This post has a list of all fields that you can join after matric with arts.

4. Simple FA and Its scope in Pakistan

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Careers after 12th class with arts

In this section, you will find helpful posts about your careers after 12th class or FA. FA stands for Faculty of Arts. It is a higher secondary or HSSC level course. You can do many things after doing your FA or faculty of Arts. Here are the relevant posts about what you should do after FA.

1. All Options after FA in Pakistan

This is a general post that briefly explains all study options, career options, subjects selections, admission options, diploma options after your 12th class with arts or FA.

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