About Us

Study Pak is an educational website based in Pakistan. We are a team of teachers, lecturers, professor and heads of various institutions working to bring educational awareness and competency in Pakistan. The students in Pakistan usually follow traditional study methods, they simply cram the lessons and do not go deep into the concepts. We are bringing about the trends of conceptual learnings among the students.

Who we are?

We are a dedicated team of professionals specialized in education training and coaching. We are educated in top universities of Pakistan and now are all in government service. We are located in various cities of Pakistan serving in education centers as trainers, authors, career counselors, and lecturers.

Our History

Study Pak came into existence on October 24, 2019. It was created with the aim of promoting knowledge, educational news, notifications, students' help, student counseling, and character building. So far, more than 1 million students have benefitted from our services. We are making a difference with the lives of the students.

Our Aim

Our aim is to bring every student and the teacher on a simple, modern and well-served platform where they can learn new things related to their educational life. The students can get conceptual clearance of their concepts. We want to promote conceptual learning through video tutorials, helpful tips, educational coaching and guidance to the students and the teachers.

for more information about us, please contact us and we will share much with you.

What we offer here on this website?

We offer a variety of things like career counseling, top educational news from across the country, admissions and results notices from all universities and boards of Pakistan, study tips for the students, exams preparation, health tips and educational coaching of the students. All these services are free and aimed at promoting learning and teaching skills of the students and the teachers in Pakistan.

Countrywide Presence

Our offices are working closely with the community to make it possible to reach every student. Along with online services, our offices are physically present across the country to share knowledge and professional advice with you at your doorstep. We are working on an app and you will see it on play store when it is ready to be published. I have many new ideas which you will see working in the coming few years. There are other websites on education in Pakistan, The major of them are Ilmkidunya.com but this is very heavy and too stuffy. I have made a plan to keep it as simple as possible. I can see the man thing which is the quality stuff is lacking on other websites.

Serving Humanity

Believe me, we do not charge any fee from any student for our services. Anyhow, we do want you to spread our message to all the students so that they can benefit too. We are happy to give you like help as we can. Our purpose is to serve humanity.

If you want to contact us, you can fill the contact form and sent it to us. We are always ready to respond to the queries and comments of the readers.

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