7 reasons your baby may not sleep well at night

 Sleep is very much necessary for a healthy life. While we are asleep, our body starts to normalize itself. It is the process of restoring all the bodily functions. It helps the body grow muscles, repair tissues and regulate the release of hormones in the body. Besides its benefits for our body, our cognitive system also demands sleep for working properly. As a result, to ensure your mental health, sleep is a must.

Reasons why your baby not sleep at night

7 Things to Consider for Better Sleep of Your Baby

Like adults, newly born babies also require sufficient time to sleep. It induces positive effects on their physical and mental development. Many parents do not know the things to consider for the sleep of their baby. In this article, we have brought some important recommendations for you to ensure a healthy sleep for your baby.

Here are the things you can do to make your baby sleep well at night:

1. Play Games in the Evening

Health experts suggest that parents should develop the habit of playing with their baby in the evening. As the baby grows, they should be focused on indulging him or her in healthy activities, let it be learning baby-toys and any other activity. By doing so, the child starts using his energies to be more active. It also affects the sleep of the baby. 

Parents are advised to play with their children before night. In this process, your child's body gets accustomed to utilizing and regaining energy. And the energy loss would cause him or her to sleep well at night.

2. Night Feed

As mentioned in our other article, the foremost reason why your baby does not sleep properly at night is hunger. If the child sleeps hungry, he is most likely to start crying at night. His cry is an expression of his need for food. I have already written a post on how to find that your baby is hungry. Therefore, scheduling a night feed for your child necessary to ensure a better sleep of his or her. It is up to you how to schedule the feeding schedule. But you should make it in a way that a night feed must be in his routine. This would allow the child to sleep well throughout the night without feeling hungry.

3. Healthy Environment

Ensuring a healthy and safe environment is needed for better sleep. It is to say that nobody can sleep in a noisy environment. Likewise, babies are also apt to be comfortable. If your baby does not sleep well at night, it means that he is not okay with the environment. 

Therefore, to make sure that your baby gets better sleep, manage to get him or her a healthy environment. Otherwise, he or she would develop the habit of staying awake and crying at night. Try to keep your baby away from smoke, noise, allergic items.

4. Appropriate Posture

Can you imagine yourself sleeping on a table? No? Yes, so is the case with your baby. If you are not considering his or her posture, you are not interested in the comfort of your child. Researchers have suggested that most of the children do not sleep at night well because their parents put them in the wrong position. 

If this problem persists, this would not only cause the child not to sleep but also damage to his or her bones. Therefore, parents should pay attention to how their child lies on the bed. And is the position comfortable for him or her? Your baby must be in the posture of stretched straight legs and head fixed on the pillow.

5. Medium Light

Light in the room of the child is necessary. Some babies start crying at night and do not sleep because they are facing night terror. Night terror occurs when the child wakes up and sees things not as he saw them before sleeping. It stirs fear in his or her mind and gets terrified. Experts suggest that it happens because of the darkness. 

Therefore, it is advised that parents should turn ON the lights of the room. But the amount of light across the room must neither be very bright nor very dim. Rather parents should use medium light in the room of the baby.

6. Understand Baby's Habits

Not every child has the same sleeping habits. Each baby has its own mood and timing of sleep. You cannot force your baby to sleep early or late. In the early stages of childhood, parents should try to understand the choices and moods of the child. Unless they understand, they remain unable to prepare a schedule for their child. Therefore, parents should understand and respect the choices of the baby. They should not enforce their own will on the child. Since it halts the physical and mental growth of the child.

7. Make the Conditions Persistent

The most important thing that parents need to consider for a better sleep of their child is to make the conditions persistent for the child. It is to say that children are not easy to get adapted to change. If a change occurs in the external environment, the child is most likely to resist it. 

Likewise, if you want your child to take better, peaceful sleep, do not change the conditions (light, temperature, et cetera) during his sleep. Sometimes babies wake up at night and start crying. There are reasons why your baby suddenly starts crying at night.  As a result, not only your sleep is disturbed but some energy of your baby goes wasted.

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