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Educational Psychology refers to the scientific study of the learning process of human beings. The field of educational psychology is becoming more and more significant. As a result, more students want to pursue this area of study. This highlights how crucial it is for both learners and other people to understand the scope of educational psychology.

Scope of Educational Psychology in Pakistan

Apart from Pakistan alone, there is an even greater scope of educational psychology in the world. The whole educational system of developed countries is based on child psychology. They apply psychological knowledge in teaching. 

scope of educational psychology in Pakistan

There are numerous jobs in private organizations and government sectors for students of educational psychology. I have given the complete scope of educational psychology in Pakistan with degree value, jobs, salary structure, govt jobs, fields and work areas, etc. I have also mentioned the course outlines, subjects and which universities offer admission in educational psychology in Pakistan.

Subject Matter of Educational Psychology

The following factors are included in the scope of educational psychology

1. Human Behavior

The study of human behavior in educational contexts is a part of psychology in education. Psychology is, as we all know, the study of behavior. Education, on the other hand, focuses on behavior change. As a result, we can say that educational psychology covers the entire field of education.

2. Growth and Development

How does a child move through the many growth stages? Educational psychologists research this. It is thoroughly analyzed and researched what each growth stage's characteristics are. This enables the preparation of reports and the fast diagnosis of several illnesses and disorders.

3. Heredity and Environment

A child's ability to learn and understand new things, as well as the growth and development of their brain, can all be impacted by heredity. The environment in which a child is raised also has a significant impact. In order to ensure that children are developing to their full potential, educational psychologists research how much heredity and environment affect a person's development.

4. Learning process

In education, learning is a crucial feature. The law of learning is studied by educational psychologists. They research the most efficient and productive ways for learning to occur as a process. Education psychologists are knowledgeable about how a student responds to learning in various contexts.

5. Personality

The student's personality is included in the scope of psychology in education. It addresses how a person behaves and develops within the context of schooling. A person's personality can be said to grow completely as a result of education. 

6. Intelligence

The nature of the study must be understood by a teacher or tutor. The study of the nature of intelligence and its assessment is within the scope of psychology in education.

7. Guidance and Counseling

When you say "education," you mean guiding a developing child. As a result, counseling is an important area of psychology in education. Career counseling for students plays an important role in pringing them up with an embition.

What do Educational Psychologists do?

Educational psychologists often treat people who are between the ages of 25 and 44. They will examine various types of learning difficulties in people with the goal of finding solutions that can help in strengthening instructional methods and learning processes.

Career Prospects of Educational Psychology

Here are some jobs positions on which an educational psychologist can work:

1. Educational Researcher

The educational researcher often analyzes the teaching techniques and student learning experiences in order to enhance the learning process.

2. Educational Counsellor

The educational counselor works at the primary, secondary, or postsecondary levels of education. Provides students with professional and career guidance. He assists students with social, private, and academic matters.

3. Community Education Officer

Community Education Officer organizes and runs local educational initiatives like computer, literacy, and numeracy classes to lower unemployment and social deprivation rates.

4. Distance Learning Administrator

Distance Learning Administratoroversees the use of appropriate instructional practices, creative teaching methods, and cutting-edge educational technologies in educational projects.

5. Corporate Learning Analyst

Create evaluation methods, grading tools, and research protocols for designing and carrying out data collection and reporting projects in a business or educational setting.

Salary of Educational Psychologist in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the average income for an educational psychologist is about PKR 450000 per year, or even PKR 40000 per month. The salary for entry-level workers will be about PKR 30,000 per month. Professionals with experience can expect to make roughly PKR 100,000 per month.

Other opportunities for Educational Psychologists

  1. Educational psychologists can start their own website focusing on career advice, and they can later make money through AdSense.
  2. They can start a YouTube channel to post videos about career advice.
  3. They might establish an education consulting business to help students choose the ideal job route for them based on their aptitude.
  4. They can work as educational psychologists for any radio or television station.
  5. Educational psychologists may publish columns in periodicals and newspapers.
  6. They have the ability to write books on psychology, psychology education, and career counseling.
  7. Educational psychologists can work in a variety of academic capacities.
  8. They might land a career as consultants for study abroad programs.
  9. They can apply for testing companies and other government recruitment departments.
  10. We advise you to continue working privately as an expert in educational psychology even after obtaining a job.
So, there is a wider scope of educational psychology in Pakistan. You can work in Govt departments like Universities colleges, special schools etc. You can also work with private colleges and schools. You can have plenty of opportunities to set up your own business in this field. 

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