Summary of the poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer

This is the short summary of the poem Trees written by Alfred Joyce Kilmer. This is the best of our effort made to make it precise and clear. The easy wording is used. This summary is best for the students of class 6, class 7, and class 8.

summary of the poem trees by joyce kilmer pdf class 7

Summary of the Poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer

Before we actually start the summary let us know about the poet a brief:

Who is the poet of the poem Trees?

The poem "trees" were written by Joyce Kilmer. He was born in new jersey. He got the inspiration to write the poem trees one morning when he opened his window and was captivated by the beauty of trees. 

Poetic devices in the poem

Trees personify the beauty of nature persisting that no art of mankind can even match the beauty of a tree. The author was praising God’s majesty creation. The speaker also provides the details and importance of trees in nature. He adores the existence of trees.

Summary of the poem

The speaker of the poem presents the tree as the necessity of a peaceful, natural world. The speaker says whenever the trees need nourishment, it simply drinks from the piles of earth-sweet soil. The author linked motherhood with the nourishment of trees. Like a mother feed his child, earth feeds its sweet to the tree when the tree is a hungry mouth. 

The poet says that the tree looks at God all day and night and lifts her green leafy arms to pray. The poet is associating trees with humans and, he says the tree to be religious as we human beings. The poet is describing the beauty of tree as tree also gives shelter to birds in hot summers and protect them from heat.

In the last, the poet calls himself stupid and fool as poems are created by humans and nature-like things trees are created by God. He concluded by saying that humans can never match the creativity of God. Humans can never make something like trees.

In the whole poem, nature is being personified and its creator God is appreciated. Another main aspect is covered in this poem that God created beautiful trees and humans cut them down to write poems on the paper made of them. This is the reason why he calls himself and other poets fool and said that humans can never be creative like God's creation.

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