Scope of environmental science in Pakistan: Jobs, salary and courses

Many students try to get information about a particular field before actually jumping into it. The students do look for scope of a field before they get admission in that field. So, here we have explained the scope of environmental science as a career and profession.

Scope of Environmental Science in Pakistan 2022

scope and slaruy of environmental science in pakistan 2022

Now we are going to assist in eliminating your confusion and will also provide you will all the Guidance material you need to know about the scope of Environmental Sciences in Pakistan. 

We will take you through various govt and private jobs opportunity and salary structures in Pakistan. The courses you will study and the universities offering admission to this field etc. So let's start from the basics.

What is Environmental science?

Environmental Science combines physics, biology, chemistry, geology, and other physical sciences to study the environment and find solutions to environmental problems.

Environmental scientists make significant progress and development continue, and as a result, the value of Environmental Science in Pakistan is increasing day by day.

Job Description and duties of Environmentalist

● Conduct research or investigations to determine and eliminate sources of pollutants or hazards that influence the environment or the health of the population.

● Make use of your knowledge of various scientific disciplines to take or suggest actions based on data.

● Analyze data to determine its validity, scientific significance, and quality as well as to interpret the relationship between human activities and their effects on the environment.

● Share the technical and scientific information with the public and organizations.

● Investigate and report on accidents that harm the environment.

Required Qualities to be an environmental scientist

● Scientific aptitude
● Persistence
● Paying Attention to Detail
● Analytical & Critical Thinking
● Observation
● Cooperation
● A strong background in biology and Chemistry

Scope of Environmental Science 

There is huge potential for environmental projects and studies in Pakistan. PTI govt formed in 2018 with a tremendous focus on the environment. Imran Khan himself has addressed on this issue with international communities and forums.

So, there are huge chances of mega projects in this field. The jobs will be created on a large scale. But let us have a look at current employment opportunities for the students of environmental science in Pakistan.

Career Fields for Environmental scientists/ Environmentalist

A graduate in Environment Science has a wide range of career options in both the private and public sectors. Some of them are listed below.

● Environmental (field) Research Centers
● Environmental protection NGOs
● Water supply and treatment plants
● Environmental welfare organization
● Teaching in colleges and universities
● Scientific research departments
● Testing laboratorie
● Consulting firms
● Environmental consultant experts
● Social Development Secto
● Solid Waste Management Companies
● Health Department
● Air pollution management wing
● Survey plants companies
● Municipal councils
● Irrigation Ministry Department
● Green Peach

Some Major positions and jobs for Environmental science students

Environmental science is a degree with excellent job prospects. This degree provides you with a wide range of employment opportunities. Following are some of the major careers for environmental scientists

● Environmental Consultant
● Environmental Engineer
● Marine Biologist
● Environmental Education officer
● Conservation scientists
● Environmental Geologist
● NGO Worker
● Zoologists and wildlife biologists
● Green plant writer
● Regulator
● Teacher/lecturer
● Hydrologist
● Waste Management Officer

Professional qualifications for Environmental scientists

For attaining a entry-level job, a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or a science-related field, such as chemistry, biology, geosciences, or engineering is required. 

However, a master’s degree is be needed for advancement with specializations such as Energy and Air Environmental Management, Conservation, Pollution Control, Environmental Law, and Policy. A Doctorate degree is a must for research and academic jobs.

Environmentalist Salary in Pakistan

Salary trends for environmental scientists in Pakistan differ depending on the sector of work.

Starting salaries of an environmental scientist for entry-level positions start at PKR 35,000 per month, with most experienced workers earning up to PKR 2.5 lacs per month.

Top 10 universities offering Environmental Science Courses

These top ten universities in Pakistan have well-known environmental science departments that offer a variety of study programs such as BS Environmental Science, MPhil Environmental Science, and PhD in Environmental Science.

1. University Of The Punjab, Lahore

2. Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

3. University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad

4. International Islamic University, Islamabad

5. Bahria University, Islamabad

6. Bahaudin Zakariya University, Multan

7. University of Peshawar, Peshawar

8. COMSATS University Islamabad,

9. National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad

10. Government College University, Lahore

Final Words

The importance of environmental science in Pakistan is constantly growing. After earning a bachelor's degree in environmental science, environmentalists work to identify and solve problems in our environment around the world. 

Students who have completed a degree in environmental science can excel in a wide range of disciplines, depending on their area of interest. There is strong hope of opening new horizons in environmental up-gradation in Pakistan.

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