Scope of Software engineering in Pakistan: Job, salary and Universities

In Pakistan, software engineering is a growing field that has matured in recent years. Since this field is popular in Pakistan, the scope of this field must be growing day-by-day

This article can help a lot of people who are interested in pursuing a career in software engineering. In Pakistan, software engineering is not so much popular nowadays. 

But this doesn't mean that the coming era will not take this field seriously. The Govt is bringing the latest technology to the country. The But right decisions and hard work are vital elements for career building. The world is shifting to artificial intelligence. So, software engineers will enjoy a more reputable place in the future.

Software Engineering as a Career

scope and jobs of software engineering in pakistan syllabus

In Pakistan, the software industry is developing at a 35 percent growth rate. In the international market, the field contributes USD 2.8 million.

Pakistan exports USD 1.8 billion in IT-related goods and services each year. These are the most recent statistics.

Scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the scope of software engineering is considerable. Freelancers working in this field are earning millions of rupees every month. Many software engineers are earning millions from Fivver and Upwork.

How to be a software engineer

To work as a software engineer in Pakistan, you must have a bachelor's degree in one of the following fields:

· Information Technology (BSIT)
· Software Engineering (BSSE)
· Computer Science (BSCS)

Job options for software engineering students

The following are some of the most promising career prospects in Pakistan for software engineers:

1. Applications developer/Developer of software

There are numerous beneficial applications that have been established in our daily lives. Education, travel, networking, home, fashion, and mobile applications are just a few examples. These applications are created by software engineers.

2. Game developer/creator of video games

In recent years, game developers have grown in popularity. As a result, experts in the field of entertainment are worthy. 

The creation of a video game requires the collaboration of a group of experts. For example, a group may create a game, which is then handed on to another group for changes and upgrades. 

As a result, a group of engineers is working hard to give you a fun game.

3. Freelancing Websites

Software engineers have a good opportunity to work privately in freelancing websites like Fivver and Upwork. The students of software engineering are earning a decent amount from these platforms just doing 2 - 3 hours of work a day.

4. Web designer

People are starting their own businesses in addition to serving professionally. People are using the internet to work from home. E-commerce requires the use of websites. 

As a result, web designers are in high demand for the job. Software engineers are making websites and developing other E-commerce platforms for their clients

5. User Interface Designer

User interfaces of Designers make our life easier. These programmers create user interfaces for everyday tasks. A refrigerator, microwave, and other common appliances, for example, could all be connected to the internet. 

Mobile phones and tablets can be used to operate these appliances utilizing these interfaces. The latest technological inventions such as airplanes, smartphones and every electronic appliance will come with a GUI.

6. Cyber Security Manager

Passwords are assigned to various software, financial transactions, and personal correspondences by these professionals. As a result, Software engineers develop such programs to control electronic security. Also, they write numerous security programs, choose programs, and keep the team updated on the process.

7. Embedded Software engineer

These engineers work with the machines we use every day. In this sense, software developers are used in anything from vending machines to ATMs to defense systems.

8. Software Publishers

Computer software is important in a variety of sectors. Business, research, science, education, and a variety of other fields are examples. 

 Software publishers create relevant software and release updated versions. These experts are employed by businesses that focus on computer systems.

9. Network Engineer

These experts use computer networks to connect employees within an organization. This type of networking is beneficial when working in a group. 

It also assists in the oversight of all personnel, access to shared data, and the resolution of technological concerns.

10. Software Houses

In addition to doing a job, software engineers can set up their own software house. They can make and sell various software. They can make on0demand software for their clients.

Software engineering Syllabus and Subjects

Apart from required and elective studies, a BSSE student must complete the following courses over the course of eight semesters:
  • Computer Networks
  • Probability and Statistic
  • Software Construction and Development
  • SE Supporting-II
  • Professional Practices
  • Technical and Business Writing
  • Software Quality Engineering
  • Web Engineering
  • SE Supporting-III
  • Information Security
  • Applied Physics
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Calculus & Analytical Geometry
  • Discrete Structures
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Re-Engineering
  • SE Elective 5 courses
  • Social Science electives
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Linear Algebra
  • Software Requirement Engineering
  • Database Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • SE Supporting-I
The final year project is required and must be done in the final year.

Salary for Software Engineers VS computer science in Pakistan

At a minimum, software developers in Pakistan can earn around PKR 53,000 per month.

However, earn a maximum of PKR 175,000 per month. 

Engineers earn an average of PKR 115,000 per month. These figures were compiled from a variety of sources. If you have more skills, you can earn more.

Nonetheless, the pay is attractive, which helps to expand the breadth of software engineering in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, A Computer Scientist in Pakistan earns almost 127,000 PKR per month on average. Salaries range from 64,600 PKR to 195,000 PKR (lowest to highest)

This is the monthly average pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other benefits. Salary for a computer scientist varies greatly depending on experience, skills, gender, and region.

Difference between diploma and degree

A degree is a certification awarded by a college or university after successful completion of a course of study. 

A diploma is a certificate given to a student by an educational institution after they have completed a course and passed the examination.

Is a diploma more valuable than a degree?

Due to the expanded coverage of many terms, a degree holder's job scope is significantly better than a certificate holder's. Degree programs can qualify you for higher education opportunities that diploma programs rarely provide.

What is the starting pay after obtaining a diploma?

In any industry, the average salary offered to them is Rs 250,000 per year and Rs 150 per hour.

The starting salary for entry-level jobs is RS 168,000 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to RS 1,282,500 per year. In contrast to others, diploma engineers with remarkable ability may earn more.

After Software Engineering, what should you do?

Students in the field who work hard can easily find a place to live while finishing their degrees. Because software engineering has a lot of potential in Pakistan. 

It is advised that once you have completed your degree, you look for a suitable career. 

Because practicing is the most important thing to become a professional in every field of life. You can even pursue higher education after a year or two of practicing. 

If you don't want to pursue higher education, you can start your own business after gaining enough experience in the field.

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