1st year Islamiat notes pdf download for Sindh Board

 Here are Islamiat compulsory notes for 1st year in Urdu medium and English medium for Sindh boards. The notes are for all Sindh boards. PDF notes includes are chapters MCQs, Short questions and long questions.

Islamiat compulsory Notes for class 11 pdf download

The latest and new syllabus notes in Urdu and English are given in this pdf file. The file has been created by Zahid Notes are now we are sharing it here. The notes have been prepared by Haris Basim. The 2nd year notes are not found here.

The following boards of Sindh have the same notes and syllabus for Islamiat compulsory for class 11:

1. Karachi Board

2. Larkana Board

3. Sakkur Board

4. Mirpur Khas Board

5. Hyderabad Board

The pdf file contains the following chapter MCQs, Short questions and the long questions notes.

1. Chapter 1

2. Chapter 2

3. Chapter 3

4. Chapter 4

5. Chapter 5

Now download your pdf notes from below: Also see 1st year all subjects notes pdf

1st year Islamiat notes for Sindh Boards

1st year islamiate notes sindh board pdf download

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