Summary of the poem I choose the mountain by Howard Simon

Here a short summary of the poem "I choose the mountain" written by Howard Simon. The explanation and analysis of the poem is given. The mood of the poem and the message and idea of the poem has earlier been written.

Summary of the poem I Choose the Mountain

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This beautiful poem is associated with a man who is traveling. A man has two ways one is an easy lowland path and, the second one is a path on the mountains. 

The tone of the poem is convincing and helpful. The poem gives you the hope to keep trying. The mountain path is linked with the hardships and struggles that came into the person’s life. But in the end, he succeeds with a lot of good opportunities.

The author personifies lowlands as the easy path of life. The lowland call means a man chooses easy and simple ways in his life.

 On the other hand, the author represents mountains with the harder path in life. A person can face obstacles and hardships while climbing the mountains. But when you start climbing the mountain the view and satisfaction are beyond imagination. It gives you a sense of peace. 

He associated this poem with personal life as well the author said when you choose difficult things in life you get more reward and appreciation. You can only achieve better things in life if you challenge yourself. 

The author says in the poem that he is going to choose a difficult path as mountains and I will never stop climbing. He says I am going to choose things that will take more struggle and effort but, in the end, the reward will be worth it.

In the end, this poem is not only about one man who has two decisions of paths. This poem is linked with the decisions of life. 

If you are taking an easy way like a lowland path, then you will never improve or achieve bigger in life. If you want to become bigger and want more rewards in life, then you should choose the harder path of life.

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