No man is an island poem summary by John Donne

Here is a short and long comprehensive summary of the poem No Man is an Island written by John Donne. You can see this is the best summary of the poem.

No Man is an Island Summary of the Poem

It is an important deal of irony, we as human beings frequently experience during our lives. There are billions of humans living on this planet somehow, in life we feel lonesome. 

In this poem, John Donne says even a person feels lonely, but he is a part of huge mankind. He says every person is an important part of this community and we should cherish them.

This is a beautiful poem by John Donne in which he is talking about humanity. This poem connected all human beings stating them one. He says when human beings are isolated from each other do not prosper. 

 He says a man living alone is like an isolated island. Man is born to live and grow among others. He cannot grow alone and succeed. 

Man is like a social person what happens to him affects his nearby too. If a person is angry, his bad mood affects his relationship with others.

In his poem, he says living alone is a myth. No one can survive alone. Every person needs love and affection in his life. We need others to grow and survive.

This poem has a deep message for human beings. The powerful verses of the poem tell us each person is important and connected with each other. No one is alone or isolated. The existence of a person not affects himself only but also the people living around him. Even in the case of death, maybe a person was isolated from other mankind, but he was remembered by his loved ones in their hearts. 

Overall, the poem presents the harshness and beauty of death and life. John Donne wrote this poem after his wife passed away. That is the reason why the poem starts with life and ends with death. This poem motivates every single person to go and live their life at best. Death will come at any time so, live life to the fullest.

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