MBBS in China for Pakistani Students: fee, apply, eligibility etc

 In this article, I have explained the application procedure to apply for MBBS in China for Pakistani students. I have given information about the fee structure, admission criteria and eligibility, the admission process, the scholarship scheme and more.

MBBS in China for Pakistani students

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students: fee, apply, eligibility etc

MBBS in China is an attractive passion for Pakistani students due to the increasing rate of studying medicine. 

In the last 25 years, there was a huge amount of Pakistani and international students coming to China to study clinical medicine there. So, every student in Pakistan is looking for the best options after FSc pre-medical in Pakistan.

There are more than 120 universities in China offering MBBS programs for domestic and foreign students. China is offering six years long degree in MBBS.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in China

A student must be a pre-medical student of 18 years or more. A student should have completed their matric and FSC with good grades to get admission to MBBS in China. He should be good at English and science subjects as well.

Age limit in admission for MBBS in China

A student should be 18-25 years old according to eligibility criteria. But, in few universities, the age limit is till 30 years.

Which Chinese universities offer MBBS for Pakistani Students?

We suggest Pakistani students go for A listed or PMC (Pakistan medical commission) green listed universities. 

Chinese universities are approved by the Higher education commission Pakistan so after the MBBS degree student can do practice in Pakistan, and Chinese graduate students are eligible to apply for ECFMG certifications. 

Students can get a visa from the Chinese embassies located in their countries.

Fee structure

The MBBS fee in china is between PKR 6,00,000 to PKR 9,00,000 per year Pakistani rupee it includes hostel and tuition fee it is quite affordable.

How to apply in China for MBBS

First, search the Chinese medical universities. Go for green-listed universities. Find an authentic agent in your country. Agent charge some of his fee like 5000 to 10,000 PKR. Then, the agent will be responsible for all the matters related to MBBS in China.

You can also apply online through the site mbbs.com.pk they will help in the selection of medical universities in china till MDCAT and PMC test.

Required documents to apply for MBBS in China

1. High school transcript matric and FSC result

2. Passport copy

3. Application form

4. Physical examination form

5. Resume

6. Passport size photo

7. Police character certificate / attested by the foreign office

8. Bank statement

9. Signed fee structure by student and guardian

You can also see this list of MBBS alternative programs if you are not selected in MBBS.

Last date to apply

1. Fall session (30 October)

2. Spring session (30 April)


Matric + FSC with at least 60%

Activities expected during the course

Students of MBBS in China are taught through the following means:

1. Class lectures
2. Tutorials
3. Experiments
4. Body dissections
5. Hospital duties
6. Patients handling
7. Surgical operations

PMC test after completion of MBBS in China

After your degree completion in MBBS in China, it's compulsory to pass the PMC test. After the clearance of the test PMC will issue a license. 

After that, you can practice as a doctor in Pakistan. If you want to practice or continue in China then this test is not required.

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