Karachi University Reduces B.Com syllabus for annual exams 2021

COVID-19 has affected the world and has destroyed the physical education system and the education system is badly affected due to the alarming condition of this pandemic. The universities have to abruptly change the whole educational system by shifting from physical classes to online classes.

KU Approves reduced syllabus for B.Com 2021

The Karachi University has decided fro reduce the syllabus for B.com final examinations so that students can compensate for the study loss due to COVID-19

KU Approves reduced syllabus for B.Com 2021

KU Dr. Zaema Israr Chairs a meeting

The board meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of the Incharge department of commerce, Karachi University, Dr.Zaema Israr on Wednesday.

The students and teachers of the affiliated colleges have requested the university authorities to reduce the university syllabus because students were facing a lot of issues in the online education system and they cannot cover the whole syllabus in a short time and also the quality of lecture were compromised.

They further explained that due to the present CORONA situation many other universities have reduced the syllabus to facilitate the students so that they can appear in the examination without any study burden.

Many other departments of Karachi University have also reduced the syllabus and Vice-Chancellor Dr.Khaid Mehmood Iraqi had announced to reduce the syllabus of Bsc and B.A.

These points were kept in front of the meeting authorities and they agreed to all the conditions and consider them valid. The meeting went successfully and the syllabus reduction decision was passed.

The concerned departments are requested to prepare the question according to the reduced syllabus for the upcoming annual; examination of B.com.

The controller of Examination Dr.Syed Zafar Hussain confirmed and agreed to the reduced syllabus and the syllabus is reduced for the academic year 2020-2021 only.

The students who will appear in next year's examination have to prepare the full syllabus.

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