Health and physical education scope, subjects, jobs and admissions

The students who are seeking career counseling and career guidance from Study Pak are informed that we have written many articles on the scope of different subjects in Pakistan. Here is another article on the scope of BS health and physical education in Pakistan.

MSc or BS health and physical education degree scope in Pakistan

MSc or BS health and physical education degree scope in Pakistan

You will find details on the subjects taught in health and physical education degree, the universities offering admission in this degree, the job opportunities for the students of health and physical education, and salary of these jobs.

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Introduction to health and physical education

Physical and health education deals with the process of the human body. Physical and health education enables one to understand the economic, political, and social changes like the development of healthy and fit life, development of personality, and so on.

In this era, people are realizing the importance of sports and a healthy lifestyle. This degree is gaining vital importance nowadays. 

A person can shape the future in this field by taking health and physical education as a degree and pursue their career in this field

Importance of the degree in health and physical education

Health and physical education enable individuals to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle. If you love sports and want to be a sportsman in the future, then you should study health and physical education.

This degree will polish your skills and hidden talent. Even in your older age, after you retire from any of the sports you will still be able to become a sports trainer, coach, physical instructor, and umpire.

Personal benefits of the degree

With a physical and education career you will be able to fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is much demand for physical instructors, trainees, and umpire in Pakistan. 

A person should go for a master’s degree if he or she wants to become a true sportsman. From inter till master’s level this degree holds wide importance.

Subjects and topics in Health and physical education degree

  • Introduction to health and physical education
  • Background of health and physical education
  • Introduction of track and field.
  • How to be physically fit.
  • Outdoor activities like hiking and trekking.
  • Impact of exercise on the human body.
  • Personal hygiene
  • Types of massage
  • First aid
  • Importance of exercises and games in Islamic culture
  • Physiology
  • Games and sports techniques and rules
  • Balanced diet
  • How to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Mental and physical recreational activities

Jobs and career opportunities

Health and physical education degree holders can find jobs and employment in the following fields in Pakistan:

1. Teacher of health education
2. Nutritionist
3. Health Consultant
4. Physical Trainer
5. Yoga trainer
6. Sports journalist or reporter
7. Gym trainer
8. Consultant
9. Physiotherapist
10. Sports or Gym Coach
11. Professor in college or university
12. Sports manager

13. Sports therapist

14. Physical therapist in Pak Army

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Salary of health and physical education-related jobs

Health and physical education degree holders get an attractive salary package ranging from 30,000 - 100,000 PCRs. 

The salary of the physical therapist in sports and Pak Army is relatively higher. The salary of a college professor of school health instructor is also 40,000 - 80,000 per moth.

Skills required for the degree  

Working as a sports umpire or trainer at the college level or in a sports academy are great suggestions for you. 

Despite your degree, you need to reach more books and do some professional courses on health and physical education so that you can be more qualified and trained in this area.

Universities offering admission in health and physical education

Following Universities in Pakistan offer BS health and physical education degree:

1. The Islamia university of Bahawalpur
2. University of Gujrat
3. Government college university, Lahore
4. Lahore LEADS University
5. University of Okara
6. The University of Lahore
7. Ripah university, Faisalabad campus

8. Sindh University

9. Karachi University
10. Gomal University, D.I. khan
11. Mohi-Ud-Din Islamic University (AJK)
12. Women University, Swabi


Sports and physical activities have opened new career opportunities for youth. After a successful degree in health and, physical education one can build one career as a sportsperson at the national and international level. 

Other than a sportsman, a person can become a consultant, trainer, umpire, or professor as well.

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