Message of A long walk home by Jason

 The moral essay or story A long Walk home is written by Jason Bocarro. The story gives us an important message which have been given below:

Message / Moral lesson of A long walk home

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Message or moral lesson

The story gives us an important moral message. It tells us that we should not lie to our parents in any case. We should have the courage, to tell the truth to our parents. They understand us and they will only guide us. They take care of us and it is our responsibility to obey them.

We, the children, are the pride of our parents. They forgive us for our mistakes. So, if anything wrong is done by us, instead of telling a lie, we should apologize to them. It is less painful than telling a lie.

Another message is that we should not take things lightly. It can prove painful to others. The only way to the best relationship is care, truthfulness and honesty.

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