FBISE list and detail of books for SSC and HSSC

 Here are the details for books and their publishers and the boards which Federal Board uses in its curriculum. You can download the list in pdf. FBISE books for SSC and HSSC have been taken from National Book Foundation, some from Punjab Board and Some from KPK board. Some independent publishers have been used in the curriculum of the Federal board.

Federal board Books for SSC and HSSC

The books which have been selected fro 9th class, 10th class and 1st year and 2nd year courses, have been taken from other boards too. So, basically, the national book foundation (NBF) is the main institution that publishes books for the federal board.

It is acting as a Federal textbook board. But FBISE can take any book from the Punjab board, Sindh board, KPK board, and Balochistan board to make it the parts of its own syllabus. So curriculum for SSC and HSSC for FBISE is not exactly similar to any provincial boards.

Which FBISE books are similar to Punjab Boards?

9th and 10th class English, Physics, Maths, Biology and Islamiat are same as Punjab boards. Many arts subjects are also from the Punjab board except the economics which is from Sindh Boards.

You can find the details of the similarity of the Federal board syllabus with other boars in the following pdf file.

Which Books of FBISE are similar to other boars?

According to SSC I and SSC II syllabus of the Federal board, most subjects are similar to Punjab boards. Only 2, or 3 subjects are similar to other provincial boards.

Now download the following list of subjects, books and their corresponding boards. There are two lists. Please download both lists to get all information about SSC and HSSC.

FBISE SSC and HSSC books list from other boards

Now you can see a clear picture of all the syllabus and books of FBISE for both SSC and HSSC.

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