A long walk home - Central idea and theme

 Here is the analysis of both the Central idea and theme of the moral essay "A long walk home" written by Jason Bocarro. Some reader on the questions answers page or the story was asking to write the central idea and the theme of the story. 

So, I have given here the answer to your questions.

A Long Walk Home

Here we go with the central idea and the theme of the story below:

1. Central idea of a long walk home

The essay "A long walk home" is a narrative essay by Jason Bocarro. He has tried to give an important piece of advice to the readers. The writer has beautifully portrayed the sensitivity of relationships between parents and their children. 

The idea of presenting the story is to highlight the parental sentiments for children. The parents, who have deep trust in their children, feel pain when children break their trust. So we, as children, must be true and frank to our parents. They understand us well and they will forgive us for our mistakes. Lying to them is much more painful to them than doing any harm.

Another important idea behind the story is to illustrate the significance of the parent-children relationship. It is all built on love, care and trust. Children should learn to express themselves fully to their parents. Children have wishes too. They too have dreams. The parents should try to explore the unspoken feelings and desires of the children.

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2. The theme of A long walk home

A long walk home carries a significant moral theme. The story throws light on a very important social issue. It describes family life and the importance of understanding in relationships. The expressions of a hurt father symbolize the destructive element of mistrust in the family.

Dishonesty and falsity bring only pain and discomfort to our loved ones. We should be loyal to our all relations.

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