2nd year Pak study Notes for Sindh Boards

This is 2nd year Pak study Notes for all sindh boards like Karachi Board, Agha Khan Board, Mirpurkhas board, Hyderabad board, Larkana board, and Sukkur board. The students who are looking for best pak study short questions, long questions and MCQs notes for pak study can download it here.

Class 12 Pak study Notes pdf download

The 2nd year class 12 Notes for Pak study have been given in Urdu medium here. You can download the notes in pdf here. The English medium notes are given 1st and then Urdu Medium notes available.

Sindh board and Karachi board notes are prepared by Haris Basim. So, the credit goes to him for giving us such best notes for pak study. These are all in one notes for class 12.

2nd year Pak study notes for Sindh Boards

Now these notes can be downloaded below. The complete comprehensive notes for all chapters like chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 and so on are given. The notes are both in Urdu medium and English medium version available in pdf.

You will find Chapter wise MCQs, short questions and Long questions here in these notes.

English medium Notes

2nd year class 12 pak study notes sindh board pdf

Urdu medium notes

Download the Urdu medium version of the notes from the button given below.

Now you should also see the following notes for 2nd year Sindh boards:


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