Study in Canada for Pakistani students guide and visa information

Covid-19 affected the study and learning plans of international students as well as the study schedules of international universities and institutions. 

The entrance plan of the universities needed to be approved by the provincial and territorial authorities in order to ensure the safety plan for the students from the pandemic Covid-19. 

study in canada for pakistani students information 2020-21

Canada offers International Students the Study Visa

In this regard, Canada announced relaxation for postgraduate students in the online study plans. After that, in late September, the Immigration Refugees and Citizen Canada (IRCC) give permits to almost 56,000 Canadian students. 

Because of the approval of the study permits, Canada is the one who allowed entrance permission to the international students of Canadian universities and colleges.

This article is about the relaxation by the Canadian government to welcome international students to the universities who have a permit and readiness plan. 

Study Guide for Pakistani Students 2020

1. Students who are already in Canada

Any Designated Learning Institution approval is considered valid for the students who are already in Canada. 

If a student is going to leave the Canadian state, he or she will not be able to return back until their designated University or college have a readiness plan against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The readiness plan is needed to be approved by the provincial and territorial authorities and should be confirmed by the Immigration Refugees and Citizen Canada (IRCC).

Students who can come back to Canada

The Canadian government allows students of international approved institutes and universities, without- out considering the origin of student’s traveling, the time of permit. 

Students are required to fulfill the basic requirements and should have an entrance permit before he or she will buy an air traveling ticket.

After the arrival, students and travelers are needed to complete an isolation period of 14 days. Travel restrictions will be the same for other travelers; common-law partners, guardians, dependents, and spouses. 

The border officer will ask your reason for traveling to Canada. After arrival, you can start your online study in the quarantine or you will physically attend your classes after 14 days of isolation.

Application Procedure for Study Permit 

Because of Covid-19, the application procedure cannot complete normally. The chances of providing accurate processing time are very low. Some applicants will be prioritized:

● A Canadian citizen who is trying to return back to Canada.

● Vulnerable people; the financial state will be considered.

● People are related to essential services and will be able to perform well in agriculture, food, and health-care areas.

Temporarily, the application procedure is different to process application to meet requirements for getting entrance in Canada. 

How to apply online?

If you need a study permit to travel, you should apply for it online. For both cases, if you are inside the Canadian state or from outside. For applying, you should have documents to complete your application form. 

Get a free internet package to apply online

You should have an explanation letter for the documents which are not available due to Covid-19. You are advised to submit the application form as early as possible. 

In the case of any disability or any other problem in applying application online, you can also apply on paper.

Applying at Entry Point

Generally, students cannot apply for a student permit at the Canadian port of entry. It is needed to apply online before traveling to Canada. In case you are already in Canada and you try for a permit application at entry. 

You have to complete a quarantine of 14 days. Specific people are allowed to enter at this time. You can get entrance if you are able to fulfill some conditions:

● If you are a US citizen
● Resident of Greenland
● A resident of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
● Lawful permanent resident of the U.S

In case you are able to compete with the requirements mentioned above, you have all the documents needed for applying for the study permit after the arrival at the border. The border services officer will acknowledge that you are eligible for entrance in Canada as a student or not.

How to apply for a post-graduation work permit?

You are required to submit two things; one is a letter of completion and the second is the final transcript. 

If you are unable to submit the required documents, you have to upload a letter of explanation. You can give explanations like offices are closed because of covid-19.

Advice to Join Back the Campus 

The universities and institutions of Canada have their own safety restrictions and health plans and they are approved by the state government before they welcome their international students back. 

Immigration Refugees and Citizen Canada (IRCC) announced that all the DLIs are instructed to submit their safety plans and procedures to the government. 

Safety plans should cover all the travel issues and requirements and isolation after the arrival. Listed students by the institute in the approval list are safe to travel and start their study plan in Canada.

What is required to Submit?

Students are required to meet conditions in order to get entrance to Canada. 

Firstly, you should have a valid letter of introduction and permit of the study plan. This is needed to ensure that you have an approval statement for the study. 

Secondly, it is required that your institute must be DLI with a readiness plan of Covid-19 approved by the provincial and territorial government.

Your travel will be considered important if your documents are completed and your DLI is on the approved list. You are eligible to travel to Canada in two cases. 

In case, your study program and schedule are suspended or canceled by the required university. If you are visiting Canada for any other reason regardless of your study plan.

You should bring the following things with you

1. A port of entry letter of introduction or a valid Study Permit in order to show that you have approval.

2. Enough proof that you have enough money to support yourself and your family members who have to come with you to Canada. 

3. A letter of acceptance was approved by the provincial or territorial government from a DLI with a readiness plan of Covid-19.

Who you can contact?

Before traveling, you should contact the Border Information Service for taking more information and details. The final decision of entrance in Canada will be made by the border services officer.

I hope you will like the article as it covers all the current knowledge about the relaxation by the Canadian government.

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