Best subject combination for FA to get good marks 2021

 I have given you some suggestions here to take specific subjects in FA to get good marks. If you want to get good marks in FA with little time and preparation, you can choose these subjects in FA. 1st of All we will discuss the structure of FA program and its syllabus.

Subjects combinations for FA Private and Regular Candidates

Although I have already published a video on this topic. You can watch that video in the Urdu language if you do not understand well English.

So, let us go forward and dscuss the best subjects combinations for FA private and regular students. You can also see here the complete list of subjects for FA in Pakistan. So, let us starts the post.

FA Syllabus and course outline

First of all let us have a look at the structure of FA. FA is a two year course and the papers are taken annually by the educational board in Pakistan. FA has a good scope in Pakistan, that is why I recommend FA instead of FSc to specific students.

Subjects in FA

1st year = 6 subjects (3 compulsory+ 3 elective)

2nd year = 6 subjects (3 compulsory+ 3 elective)

In 1st year you choose 3 elective subjects from a list of subjects. You study those 3 subjects throughout the course. You cannot change your 3 elective subjects or any of them in 2nd year.

Compulsory Subjects

Compulsory subjects in 1st year are Urdu, English and Islamic Education

Compulsory subjects in 2nd year are Urdu, English and Pakistan Studies

All the subjects in part 1 and part 2 has 100 marks paper in part 1 and same in part 2 except Islamic education and Pak Study which both has 50 marks paper.

If you want to know the details of marks and subjects of FA you can visit that post.

Best Subjects combination for FA

Now let us start the main point. You should know that you have no choice to choose your compulsory subjects i.e Urdu, English, Pak Study and Islamic education. You can only choose elective subjects for your own choice. So, we will discuss here the 3 elective subject combinations here.

Combination 1 (Good marks and Scope)

1. Persian

2. Islamic Study Elective

3. Imraniat (Sociology)

This combination gives you booth good maks and scope of studies. Persian given your 90+ marks and socilogy has a good scope in Pakistan.

Combination 2 (Good marks and scope)

1. Persian

2. Civics

3. Imraniat (Sociology)

Civics has also good scope in Pakistan. You can do LLB after FA. 

Combination 3 (Good marks and scope)

1. Persian

2. Islamiat (elective)

3. Edcuation

This combination is good for marks and scope. Education has good scope in Pakistan. If you want to go in edcuation fields or do B.Ed and become a teacher, you can keep this combination. Islamiat and persian will give you high marks securing your division in FA.

Combination 4 (easy and scope)

1. Civics

2. Punjabi

3. Islamiat

Civics and Punjabi both has good scope. But civics has small syllabus and even questions come mostly from exercises. Punjabi and islamiate are easy subjects.

Combination 5 (highest marks)

1. Persian

2. Arabic

3. Civics OR Islamiat

This combination gives you the highest marks

Combination 6 (Highest scope)

1. Health and Physical education

2. English (Elective)

3. Journalism

All these subjects has a wider scope in Pakistan. You have the option to choose any field after FA.

Rules for choosing combinations

You should follow these rules for choosing the combinations subjects in FA:

1. You cannot take all the three social sciences.

2. you cannot take all the three languages

3. You cannot take two languages at a time

4. Regular students are bound to keep the combinations that their colleges offer.

Now I hope you are pretty much satisfied with the information I provided. If you have any question, you can ask me in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous01:29

    Private Fa ma Math ka sath English literature or islamyat electric rakh sakta ha kai agr yes to Fa ka bad kai ma BA ma be math za Become rhak sakte ho plz ans day thank

    1. Sir, mien fa mien computer science, geography aur civics as a electives subjects rakh sacta hon aur Part1 aur part2 ka aik saath exaim de sakta hon

  2. Thanks sir you solve my problam❤️

  3. SR Farsi ki jga islamiyat elactive , education , physical education yai combination shi rhy GA ???

  4. sir Kia statistics k saath islamiyat elective or education Rakh sakty Hain?

  5. matric ki 2 supply aur 1st year 1 saal miem clear hou skta?

  6. Sir ,kya f.a part 1 or 2 ky papers aik sath diye ja sakty hen???

  7. Sir mny Fa elective english k sath rak tu lie lkin khuch smj hi nhii aa rahi na iskii koii book mil rahii kiu k name hi nhiibpta aur na koi pdhany wala teacher...please help me..

  8. Aoa
    Sir kya FA psychology ky sath konsy 2 elecetive subjects ka combination bnyga
    Aur FA psychology private hoskta h ya nahi?

  9. Assalamualaikum sir agr mn NY FA mn homeecnomics or educatio

  10. can i take fa english literature, french and world history as a combination of eletive subjects as a private student.

    1. is above Subject combination is according to Lahore board office????

    2. It will be great if this site share picture of subject combination according Lahore board office.... Thanks

  11. Kia Mai (civics,generalism and education) ya (education,civics and sociology ) in me se koi aik group rakh sakta Hun??

  12. A.O.A
    Sir can I take journalism or education instead of Persian in combination 2 and are these combination are to Lahore board 2022

  13. Assalam o Alikum sir g civics economics or education ye combination sai hai bta RN plz

  14. Anonymous13:11

    sir mein isl elective,sociology ky sth education rkh skti hun?mein language ni rkhna chahti. so, kindly tell me the best combination with sociology n isl elective

  15. Anonymous18:38

    Sociology,civics, education combination is possible?

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