Scope of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan: Jobs, Salary, fields, admission

Electrical engineering is a famous technical discipline that has scope in many sectors in order to deal with the repair, installment, and designing different parts of the electrical system. Electrical engineering is a very good domain for pre-engineering students. 

Scope of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan

After reading this article, your, confusion relevant to the scope of electrical engineering will vanish. It covers all the domains you can choose after completing your final degree in electrical engineering. 

scope, salary, fields and admission of electrical engineering in pakistan

Where do Engineers work?

The following are the main areas where electrical engineers are employed. Electrical engineers have good opportunities in electricity, electromagnetism, and the field of electronics.

Workplaces for electrical engineers

The electrical engineers work in all fields and on various projects The examples include:
  • Industrial wiring
  • Electricity grid stations
  • Design and construction of electric supply lines
  • Construction industry
  • Science laboratories
  • Space science
  • Powerhouses
  • Electric and electronic manufacturing
The best practice is to find and choose a line for you while you are doing your degree at your university.

Be prepared for workplace challenges and prepare your mind accordingly. You should learn the latest skills and capabilities that will help you in your job.

Must have skills for electrical engineers

  • Problem solving skill
  • Analytical thinking and reasoning
  • Circuit design and understanding
  • Strong mathematical knowledge
  • Creative approach
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational behaviour
There are some other professions and technical skill required for the job of electrical engineering. You should learn those skills to be successful at your job.

The best Fields and Jobs in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers work in the following capacities:

1. Telecommunication Engineer

The importance of this field increased by many folds. Due to the development of communication technology, there is a need for persons who are able to handle broadband networks, satellite systems, and fiber optics. 

Designing and maintenance of electronic telecommunication is a highly technical work and require engineers with remarkable skills.

There are different companies and association on the national and international levels related to communication offer jobs and places for telecommunication engineers. 

Areas of Work:

  • Telephony
  • software systems
  • internet
  • data networks
  • microelectronic devices 

Salary Package

Electrical Engineers usually get Rs 50,000 - 100,000 in Pakistan, depending upon the Industry and the nature of job.

2. Teaching

One of the most respectable job for an electrical engineer is teaching. As an electrical engineer, you can join any private and public institute of engineer for teaching purposes. 

You can also start your own online teaching course for electrical engineering basics.

You can also work as a lecturer in the college and university for teaching electrical engineering. College lectures and professors are paid very well according to their experience and scale.

Areas of work:

Teachers work in colleges and universities. They can run their own academies and colleges. They also open career counseling centers.

Salary of Electrical Engineering Teacher

The salary of an electrical engineering teacher depends upon the level of degree and experience. It also depends upon the scope and affordability of the institution in which he/she is teaching.

The salary of an electrical engineering teacher vary from 40,000 to 120,000 in PKRs in Pakistan.

3. Site Electrical Engineer

Site engineers resolve electrical issues, manage schedules of construction, and conduct testing of the system at each step of the whole project. 

Workplaces for site electrical engineers

These engineers are employed by construction companies and other associations for designing and testing the system of electricity in the buildings. 

Sope and salary

These engineers are high in demand and many foreign companies and associations give opportunities for such engineers.

Site engineers with good skills are also employed for higher projects like in the construction of colonies and hotels, they maintain the electrical maintenance of the buildings and houses. 

Their salary packages range from   Rs 40,000 to 100,000 Rupees monthly.

4. Research Engineer 

An electrical engineer can work as a research engineer at different universities and institutions because of the high development in this field. You can also work as a teacher for graduate and undergraduate courses. 

Sope and Salaries

Many new technologies have arrived and research in the development of new electrical equipment is also needed. 

Research Engineers also have a good scope in medical and the automobile industries for making affordable inventions in this regard. Research Engineers are also well paid by the association.

5. Consulting Engineer

Another emerging field of electrical engineering in Pakistan is consulting engineering. The scope of consulting engineering is increasing day by day due to the high demand for security. 

Work and Job Description

  1. The clients hire them to give advice relevant to the electrical system of their factories and offices.
  2. The workload for a consulting engineer is may be low but this is a challenging job for students.
  3. The companies which provide safety of the electrical systems give posts for consulting engineers to handle the electrical system’s safety, wiring system of the building, and much more. 

Such companies and organizations pay higher rates to their engineers. International jobs are also offered for a consulting engineer.

6. Artificial Intelligence

In a developing country like Pakistan, the power crisis is increased day by day. Due to this reason, there is a big scope for an electrical engineer in artificial intelligence. They are specialized in measuring the estimated energy required in an area for a specific period. 

Artificial Intelligence scope in Pakistan

Many companies and organizations offer jobs and positions for a person related to electrical engineering with skills of artificial intelligence. 

  • The smart city program in Pakistan is one of the examples relevant to this.

In the field of robotics, manufacturing companies involve highly skilled electrical engineers who have knowledge about artificial intelligence. 

Organizations at power generation plants also hire electrical engineers and persons having knowledge about artificial intelligence to carry out the automated power generation. 

7. Engineer at Petrochemical Industry

Another emerging career for an electrical engineer is in the petrochemical industries. 

These industries require the installation of power plants, maintenance, and taking care of the electrical system. For such purpose, they hire electrical engineers in their team. 

Job and Salary  

Many processes need electricity like pumping, computing, heating, lighting, and general domestic applications. 

Because of the need for high voltage electricity industry require electrical engineers to hire the whole process. 

Skilled electrical engineers are highly paid in such industries.

8. Computer Manufacturing Industry

Due to the high demand for computers and technology devices, the computer manufacturing industry is growing. 

What is the nature of job?

Such industry requires skilled electrical engineers for handling and supervising the integrated digital and analog circuits. 

They also deal with the installment of new technology and estimate the usage of electrical power in such industries.

There are many manufacturing areas which give a highly paid job for an electrical engineer but they require remarkable skills in electrical engineering.

9. Construction Companies

Another best career for an electrical engineer is to start working with construction companies. 

What electrical engineers do in construction companies?

Many public and private construction companies hire electrical engineers to handle the installments and designing of the electrical circuits in the buildings.

Construction companies are involved in building roads and dams. Such places also require the services of an electrical engineer. 

They are hired to do better installments of lights on the roads and power generation tools at dams. 


Electrical engineers when work with construction companies can earn a handsome amount of salary because of a lot of projects. Usually, the salary is given around Rs 75000.

10. Automotive industry

The automotive industry is increasing its work and expanding the range of working within days. 

An electrical engineer is required to give guidance about the installment of automated tools and for estimation of usage of fuel at their companies. 

International scope  

There is a lot of international automotive manufacturing companies that give positions for an electrical engineer. 

This industry is a very good opportunity for an electrical engineer to earn a handsome income.

Moreover, the scope of this engineering is now increased due to the advancement of technology. 

Admission in Electrical Engineering

The following universities in Pakistan offer an electrical engineering program 
  • University of Science and Technology Bannu
  • Gomal University DIK
  • GCU Faisalabad
  • NUST
  • Punjab University Lahore
  • Behria University Islamabad
  • University of Gujrat
  • NUMS
  • NUML
  • UET Lahore
  • NED Karachi
  • GCU Lahore

I hope you will like this article, as it covers almost all the fields and careers relevant to electrical engineering.

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