Best Fields and diploma courses after FSc pre engineering in Pakistan

Different careers and fields are present after doing F-Sc. in Pre-Engineering. Because of the arrival of new technologies, the engineering field is expanding day by day. 

Now, the scope of engineering is expanded to the agriculture and chemical sectors. Despite the major fields of engineering, there are many short courses and diplomas are also offered by several universities and institutions. 

Diploma short courses after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan

Best fields after FSc pre-engineering in Pakistan

The following fields have a good scope in Pakistan. The students can choose one of these fields after FSc pre engineering in Pakistan:

1. Chemical Engineering

This is a very important field in engineering. Different institutes and colleges offer short courses in chemical engineering. Students learn how to deal with the chemical in factories and other manufacturing places. 

Jobs for chemical engineers is increasing day by day as a chemical engineer is needed at places where the raw material is transformed into fine goods. One of the common examples is the paint and textile industries.

Being an agricultural country, the pesticide and textile industry is one of the most growing industries of Pakistan. Such industries offer jobs for chemical engineers. 

They hire engineers to deal with a chemical with environment-friendly techniques. 

Related Diploma Courses:

The following diploma courses in Chemical engineering are offered after FSc pre-engineering in Pakistan:

1. Diploma in Chemical Technology

2. Diploma in Textile Engineering

3. Diploma in Textile Designing

4. Diploma in Chemical engineering

5. Diploma in Petroleum technology

6. Diploma in Biomedical Science

7. Mineral Technology

2. Civil Engineering

Today, there are many associations that are involved in constructing new buildings. The government and many private sector construction companies are involved in building dams, roads, and many other types of infrastructure. 

If one is interested in construction and he is passionate about building new types of houses and structures he should choose this course. 

There are different private and public institutions that offer short diploma for civil engineering.

Construction companies hire civil engineers to deal with the proper amount of material and for other construction-related purposes. 

Civil engineers are highly paid in Arabic countries. Many foreign companies announce positions for civil engineers. 

Diploma Course related to Civil Engineering in Pakistan

1. Diploma in Civil Engineering

2. Geo Technician

3. Diploma in Construction management

4. Autocad Advanced

5. Diploma in Civil Surveyor

6. Quality Control Certificate

3. Computer Engineering

One of the most growing fields is computer engineering. Many universities and institutions are offering short courses in computer engineering. 

The course is based on the hardware development of computer-related components and programming skills. Students having an interest in computers and hardware should choose this diploma.

Many companies brought new technologies day by day, the battle of bringing the best gadgets is increased. 

These companies hire Computer engineers to build the best hardware architecture and meet the demand of the era. Computer Engineers with remarkable skills are highly paid by different companies. 

Diploma Courses related to Computer Engineering

1. Mobile App developer

2. Diploma in Office Management

3. Diploma in Automation

4. Diploma in Computer Programming

5. Web development

6. Hardware technician

4. Electrical Engineering

This is an important field of engineering. Many institutions of the country offer a short diploma in electrical engineering. 

The diploma focus on the learning flow of current and electrical parts of different components. There are different companies that are building machines and gadgets for different purposes. 

These engineers are employed for major projects by them. 

Best fields and study options after in Pakistan

Besides this, an electrical engineer can also work as an electrical technician. Construction companies are building new housing societies and working places. They hire electrical engineers for building the infrastructure. 

Foreign companies also hire electrical engineers for different purposes. 

Diploma Courses in Electrical engineering in Pakistan

1. Auto electrician

2. Diploma in Basic Electronics

3. Diploma in Electrical technology

4. Certificate in Electrical wiring

5.  Diploma in Power engineering

6. Solar panel technician

Short Diploma Courses after FSc pre Engineering in Pakistan  

Here is the list of Miscellounus diploma courses after FSc pre engineering in Pakistan

Miscellounus Short diploma courses:

1. Foundation in Engineering

2. Garment Technology

3. Flight Operation officer

4. Nuclear Technician

5. Rate Analysis

6. Reftertaging and air conditioning

7. Ship management

8. Beautician

9. CNC machine operator

10. Diploma in Denim manufacturing

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