medical diploma courses after Fsc pre medical in Pakistan

Many FSc pre-medical students are unaware of the scope of their degree. Most of them know only about MBBS or BDS. 

For this reason, when some of them fail to get enrolled in MBBS or BDS, mainly for the financial crisis and dearth of marks, they get disappointed with the future. This is, however, not the right way to deal with life. There is always a way forward from problems. 

short medical diploma courses after fsc pre medical in pakistan

Short medical diploma courses after FSc pre medical

In Pakistan, different medical diploma courses are offered to FSc pre-medical students. Students can get enrolled in these courses with relatively smaller financial investment and lesser marks as compared to MBBS or BDS. The admission criterion for these courses is also not much demanding. 

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Best Short courses after Fsc Pre-medical

This article will not only an article but an eye-opener for FSc pre-medical students particularly those who have become fed up with their future. It will paint before you some of the valuable possibilities you can go along with. 

The below-mentioned courses are available in medical institutes across Pakistan.

1. Nursing (DIP)

DIP is a short medical course designed to train new nurses to assist doctors in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, detention centers, non-governmental organizations. 

medical diploma nursing in pakistan

Duration: 1 year

It comparatively takes less time to complete than Bachelor in Nursing or DN. Nursing diploma holders can easily apply for nursing jobs in governmental and non-governmental health centers. 

With the passage of time, they get experienced and are able to shuffle to a position highly rewarding than the present one. One of the recommendable diplomas!

2. Anesthesia Technician

These technicians work closely with the surgeon during operation surgeries. The responsibilities of an anesthetic technician include operating the instruments necessary to take the patient into a drowsy state, collecting information from patients and tuning the machines accordingly, and looking after a patient who is undergoing anesthesia.

anesthesia short diploma courses after fsc pre medical

Duration: 1 year

A diploma in this field also covers one year. Currently, the Nursing College at PIMS Islamabad is offering this course in Pakistan as a distinguished institute for medical diploma courses.

3. Blood Bank Technician

A blood bank technician is a person having extensive know-how about human blood and the technological pieces of equipment used to extract, inject or preserve blood. 

He also knows about a number of other mechanisms that are involved in the process of receiving and donating blood to patients.

Duration: 1 year

This diploma has a higher number of vacancies available in Pakistan. 

Because different governmental and non-governmental institutes are establishing more blood banks and the trend of blood donating is rising. the Nursing College at PIMS also offers this one-year diploma to FSc pre-medical students. 

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4. Echocardiography

This one-year diploma is currently being offered by the Dow University of Health Sciences

echocardiography short courses in Pakistan

Echocardiography is the technique to produce images of the human heart by penetrating special sound waves through the human body. It allows the surgeons to analyze the structure, shape and functioning of the heart. 

Duration: 1 year

Mainly, this technique is used to see if the blood pumping is properly carried out by the heart. A diploma holder in echocardiography is conscious of the in-depth details of this method and the mechanical equipment used in it. 

This diploma promises career opportunities in national and international cardiac centers.

5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

This one-year diploma is also similar to echocardiography and is open-to-all at the Dow University of Health Science. MRI is one of the recent advancements in the field of health sciences. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is also used to produce images of human organs and physiological processes by using strong magnetic fields and radio waves. 

Duration: 1 year

These waves are passed through the body and are reflected back to produce images of the targeted organ or process. MRI diploma holders are exposed to brighter career possibilities in Pakistan and Dubai.

6. Operation Theatre Technician (OTT)

This diploma course is predicated on one year. It is being offered by the PIMS College of Nursing Islamabad, Liaquat College of Nursing Karachi, and Ittefaq Trust Hospital Lahore

Operation theatre technicians are the employees who work with surgeons before and during operation surgeries. An operation theatre technician prepares the operation theatre before an operation and tunes the surgical instruments with regards to the case. 

Duration: 1 year

During an operation, he assists the surgeon in doing the surgery carefully and properly. Operation theatre technicians are usually the managers of the operation theatre. 

This diploma is required for almost all OT jobs in government and non-governmental hospitals.

7. Radiographic and Imaging Technology (RIT)

The diploma in Radiographic and Imaging Technology includes an in-depth study of the procedures to get the images of internal parts and processes of human body by using radio waves. It is just like echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging. 

Duration: 2 years

This is generally a two-year diploma offered by different medical schools in Pakistan, particularly the Allied Institute of Medical Sciences. If you have recently passed FSc pre-medical and is still unable to make your mind, this diploma will help you build a rewarding career. 

It is easy, affordable, short and opportunity-promising. 

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8. Ultrasound Technology (DIP UT)

Diploma in Ultrasound Technology ranges over a period of one year. A diploma in this field provides the students with extensive know-how of ultrasound, its needs and the methods used in it. 

best medcial courses after fsc in pakistan

Duration: 1 year

More than thirty-two medical institutes across Pakistan are offering this diploma to students who have passed FSc pre-medical. 

The ultrasound diploma never gets old. It is for the reason that the necessity of ultrasound is widely recognized in different medical matters like pregnancy. 

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9. X-Ray Technician (DIP XT)

Some institutes in Pakistan cover this diploma in one year, while some do the same in two years. This diploma is also one of the highly relevant medical courses in Pakistan. 

Duration: 1 year

In this diploma, the knowledge of X-Ray technology and the concerned machinery is imparted to the student. X-Ray technology is used in almost every hospital across the globe. 

Therefore, a diploma holder in this field has high chance of getting a job sooner.

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