Difference between HSSC and Intermediate in Pakistan

 Well, if you are not so much aware of the education system in Pakistan, I am going to tell you a little bit about it. But if you want to learn about the whole education system, grading system, class system and complete educational course in Pakistan, you should see my other post where I have explained the Education system in Pakistan.

what is mean by hssc and intermediate in pakistan

Difference between HSSC and Intermediate in Pakistan

Well in a sense, intermediate and HSSC refers to the same level of education in Pakistan. I have explained both the terms here.  

What does HSSC mean in Pakistan?

HSSC stands for Higher Secondary School Certificate. This is the next level course after SSC (Secondary School Certificate). When a student completes HSSC, it means he/she has passed grade 12 (or 12th class) in Pakistan. After HSSC, students can take admission in any degree level programs in Pakistan.

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What is the Intermediate level of Education in Pakistan?

The intermediate level comes after the matric level in Pakistan. According to the education system of Pakistan, intermediate is the last level of schooling in Pakistan. It is grade 12 (12th class) level. After this course, the students take admission in a degree program.

Is HSSC and Intermediate same level courses?

Yes, HSSC and Intermediate are two names of the same educational level in Pakistan. Both terms refer to the same thing. there is no difference between HSSC and Intermediate in Pakistan. Usually, Federal Board says it HSSC and all other boards call it Intermediate. 

So, in short, HSSC and Intermediate and two alternate names of same level of education in Pakistan.

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