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If you are interested in the commerce field than I.Com. is the best option for you to adopt. I.Com is a professional degree program at the intermediate level which sets up your career domain very well.

Basic fields of business and concepts about commerce are covered in the program. If you are interested in the business you should choose I.Com. after your matriculation.

Study Options After Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com.)

Intermediate of Commerce covers the basic concepts to build up the foundations of concepts related to business, finance, banking, commerce, economics, and accounting mathematics. The

Commerce field is gaining a lot of attention from students after their matriculation. There are a lot of fields and careers you can choose after your I.Com. 

In the article, there is a full explanation of what you should do after doing your Intermediate in Commerce.

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Best Fields to study after I.Com

After doing Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com), you can get a very good job in a bank, multinational company, or any other financial sector. You can choose a field from the following:

1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

The well-adopted degree after Intermediate in Commerce is B.Com. in Pakistan. The program is for 4 years and a lot of students including males and females are adopting this as their main degree. 

You can get a good job, as a cashier in a bank, in finance companies or as a bank manager, etc. Many well-known universities are offering this course and you can easily adapt it after completing your I.Com. 

2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

One of the most useful and highly demanded fields is BBA. In Pakistan, you can choose a BBA program after your Intermediate in Commerce. 

study fields after in pakistan

The degree has a duration of 4 years and you will get a lot of knowledge and expertise related to business. 

The concepts of HR, finance, accounts, economics, and marketing are covered in a very well manner.

You can join the business industry, multinational companies, banks, and finance departments of different sectors. The degree is the well choice for your career building.

3. C.A. (Chartered Accountancy) / ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountancy)

The most and the highly paid career field after I.Com. is CA. 

scope of icom in pakistan

The degree is of 6 years and you can complete it before this period. When you have a CA degree, you can get a managerial post in a company easily, you can also be a finance manager or a finance consultant and other jobs which are highly paid. 

If you are competitive and want to earn bigger, you should choose the CA field after completing your Intermediate in Commerce.

If you want to do a smooth job in financial departments, but it is of short duration as CA. 

After completing ACCA, you can do jobs at banks and in other financial offices and institutions.
Short Diploma in Accounts and Finance:

Different institutions and colleges are offering diploma in Accounting and Finance. 

If you want to be an accountant or a cashier in a bank, you can do this after getting a diploma in account and finance.

4. Bachelor of Law (LLB)

If you want to be an assistant lawyer, a law consultant in different companies; you should choose LLB after clearing your Intermediate in Commerce. 

You can also get a good job in the bar council or bar association after doing LLB. 

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Short courses after I.Com in Pakistan

The students can do the following short courses after I.Com in Pakistan.

1. Short Diploma in Retail Management 

If you want to have jobs in the stores in order to carry daily tasks and to look after the working of departments. 

The main aim of the retail manager is to minimize the cost of the products and maximizing profits. The diploma is offered by different institutions and once you completed it you will get different kinds of jobs easily.

2. Diploma in Hotel Management

Different universities are offering a diploma in Hotel Management. If you successfully complete this diploma you can easily get a good-paying job in hotels.

icom scope and fields in pakistan and careers

Also, international hotels are offering positions for hotel managers and it will be a great choice.

3. Short Diploma in Marketing

There are different multinational and event organizations that are offering a job for a marketing officer. 

After getting a diploma in marketing, you can be hired as a Public Relation Officer or as a marketing manager.

4. Diploma in Banking

Different institutes are offering diploma in banking. This diploma is very efficient, one can easily get a job in different banks including public and private banks. 

After completing this diploma, you can easily get a good-paying job at banks. 

What to do After I.Com in Pakistan

It’s not easy to get a highly paid job after doing I.Com. but there are still good opportunities are present. After completing your Intermediate, you can work as an assistant in a finance department, you can do data entry work and may join any firm as a clerk. 

Moreover, you can join your father’s business if he has or works as an accountant assistant in different companies.

Details of Diploma Courses after I.Com

There is a detail of different diploma courses you can do after I.Com. to earn a handsome amount or to get a respectable job in a company. 

You should join short courses related to computer technology which help you in the future. Different software is available in the market related to finance and marketing.

1. MS Office diploma course

You can learn Microsoft Office Suite including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In this way, you are eligible in applying for different posts for a company. 

2. Diploma in Office management

Office Management works are increasing day by day and the demand for skilled persons also increased side by side. 

3. Skill-based diplomas

This also increases your experience and opportunities for data entry work also increases. The other opportunity is of learning AutoCAD, this is very useful and demanding, highly skilled persons can easily get good salaries at different associations. 

4. Web and App development

Moreover, you can learn Android App development and Web development. This will help you to work as an Assistant in IT firms and associations.

5. Diploma in Accounting 

You can also learn any Accounting Software which is demanding at the time. This will help you to get a respectable job in any finance department as data is now establishing in soft form.

I hope you will like this article and it will surely help you in choosing a domain after completing your Intermediate in Commerce.

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