best fields and study options after fsc pre medical in Pakistan

In FSc, most of the students who opt for a medically oriented subject combination aspire to do MBBS or in some cases BDS. These are the two usual goals before the students in pre-medical. 

It is also generally seen that they do not know any other sub-field of medical science but MBBS and BDS. This leads many of them to either get disappointed from their FSc degree for two reasons. 

Inability to get themselves enrolled in a medical and dental college due to low grades. In addition to this, some of them do not afford to get admission in private medical and dental colleges which offer degrees at expensive costs.

Best fields after FSc pre medical in Pakistan

best fields and student opportunities after fsc  pre medical

This article is intended to broaden the scope of FSc pre-medical in the minds of concerned students. 

If anyone of you is willing to pursue medical after FSc and does not know if there is any other field than MBBS and BDS, this article will cast before a number of career possibilities with respect to the medical degrees being offered in Pakistan. 

The careers mentioned below are open to students in different government and private institutes in our country.

Best Medical Fields and Study Options in Pakistan

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The following fields are best after FSc pre medical in Pakistan:


Every student who takes admission in FSc pre medical has a sole desire of becoming a doctor. So, all students want to become doctors. But the competition in this field is very tough. Not all students come on merit for admission in MBBS.

MBBS is the base for many specialty courses. A student of MBBS become an expert surgeon and doctor. He/she may choose any medical field as a doctor. The salary of an MBBS doctor in any public or private hospital ranges from 80,000 to 2,50,000 based on the experience and the field.

MBBS is offered in many medical colleges and universities of Pakistan. You should also read the following relevent posts:

2. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) 

scope of physiotherapy in pakistan

Physiotherapy is one of the rapidly growing fields of medical science. It is a therapeutic profession and deals with the well-being of the human body. 

Physiotherapists try to cure bodily problems particularly with regard to its movement and proper functioning. They employ and recommend a number of exercises to the patients suffering any physical ailment caused by an injury, trauma, or accident. 

BPT is a two-year or in some cases four-year degree program that allows students to engage in an in-depth study of physiotherapy. Physiotherapists are also being hired in government and private hospitals now and are being offered handsome salary amounts.

3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Pharm.B)

Pharmacy is the field that deals with the research, discoveries and production of drugs to cure different forms of diseases and ailments. 

scope of pharm b in Pakistan

In Pakistan, different multi-national companies are working in the business of medicine. They yearly hire pharmacologists to assist them in research and production of medicine and drugs. Students who have recently passed FSc pre-medical are recommended to once check this field before applying. 

The duration of this degree program varies from institute to institute. Pharmacology and pharmacy are not be confused because of their similarities. Their difference is a bit subtle.

4. BSc in Nursing

Nursing is another diligent and humanitarian profession after FSc pre-medical. Pathetically, in previous years, its importance is not socially recognized. However, now the trend is changing. And the importance of nursing is widely accepted.

best medical fields in pakistan

Millions of male and female nurses are rendering services across the globe. In Pakistan as well, nurses are serving in hospitals, non-governmental organizations, rehabilitation centers and even in the domestic sphere. 

BSc in this field is offered by medical and paramedical colleges in Pakistan. A candidate having this degree is eligible to apply for nursing jobs in governmental and non-governmental departments.

5. BS Bio-Informatics

This is another novel career available after FSc pre-medical. BS Bio-Informatics is a four-year degree program comprising eight semesters in total. 

medical courses after fsc in pakistan

This degree is being offered by thirty universities in Pakistan including the Government College University Faisalabad, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur and Comsats University Islamabad. This field deals with the technological estimation, arrangement and interpretation of complex biological data. 

Although this field is new, it will start offering a brighter future to its students in the coming years. Students who have passed FSc pre-medical can consider this option as well. This field suits students who are simultaneously interested in technology and medicine.

6. BS (Hons) Agriculture

Pakistan is an agricultural country wherein agricultural growth contributes greatly to the country's economy. Therefore, this field has great significance. 

career counselling for medical students

BS (Hons) in Agriculture is another four-year degree students can choose after FSc pre-medical. It equips the students with a deep insight into the fields and methods of agriculture with respect to Pakistan. 

This career is highly required and paying for Pakistan's Department of Agriculture which is a governmental department to assist peasants in growing and yielding healthy and large amounts of crops. A student of FSc pre-medical can easily accommodate in this field and be successful in his life.

7. BS in Microbiology

Microbiology is another interesting sub-field of biology. It is the study of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, et cetera. 

bs microbiology in pakistan

Microbiology is centered on the research endeavors aimed at discoveries at the microbiological level. It also devises new techniques to develop responses to these organisms. 

Microbiology works closely with pharmacology because it first conducts extensive research on the microorganisms that create diseases. Pharmacology then aims to develop medicine for its cure. Just like any other BS degree, students can pursue it in the field of microbiology. 

In Pakistan, microbiologists serve mostly in governmental and non-governmental laboratories and research centers.

8. BS in Vision Sciences

The field of vision sciences studies the complex system of human vision, particularly the human eye. It aims to answer the question as to how we see and what are the factors that cause vision disorders. It also seeks scientific ways to treat the visionary ailments. 

bs in vision science

BS in vision sciences is a four-year degree, being offered in different universities in Pakistan. It includes subjects pertaining to optometry and orthoptics. Students can also go for an associate degree in this field which is based on a span of two years. 

Currently, it offers a brighter career. And if you opt for it, your degree would pay you highly.

9. BS in Speech & Language Pathology

Pathology is generally the study of the causes and effects of diseases. Speech and language pathology deals with the diseases that create problems in the articulation and perception of language. 

sppech and language pathology in pakistan

It is another interesting field of medicine, recently launched in Pakistan. Different institutes are offering BS programs in this field including the Riphah University Islamabad and the Zia-ud-Din Medical University Karachi. 

Speech and language pathologists are required in the fields of education and development of hearing-impaired children and other domains. 

Other courses include:
  • Lab assistant
  • Bi technician
  • Optician

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