10 highest salary jobs for Commerce students in Pakistan

Commerce is an emerging field in the world that will open high opportunities for you. If your major degree is in commerce you can earn a handsome amount of salary. 

There are a lot of highly paid jobs which are requiring a major degree in Commerce. If your degree is in Commerce, your comfortable lifestyle is ensuring with both salary and job satisfaction.

Ten Highest salary jobs/fields for commerce students

Commerce is a professionally rewarding career field that leads to satisfactory paid jobs. The following are the top ten careers one can choose after completing a degree in Commerce. 

top ten highest salary jobs for commerce in Pakistan

Best careers in Commerce in Pakistan

the following are the highest paying jobs for commerce students in Pakistan:

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1. Chartered Accountant (CA)

If your field is commerce, whose profession is Accounting; CA is the highest paid job in the field of Commerce. 

You are can earn about 6-7 Lakh per year at starting which gradually increases with experience. You need to complete the CA Course which contains a series of examinations with an internship. 

As a CA person, you have to handle the important accounts of a firm and ensure that the financial records are updated and calculated properly. 

The preparation needs hard work and after that, your value increases as you gain more experience in the field. 

2. Marketing Manager

This is one of the highest salary jobs in the business sector for Commerce students. As a marketing manager, your responsibilities are to advertise the services, planning, and promoting the business. 

Marketing Managers are responsible for managing public relations in order to maximize the sales and increasing the firm’s reputation. 

Your responsibility is to analyze the company status, services, and products. The main aim is to increase profits, shares, and investments.

Marketing Managers are can earn about 6 to 7 lakhs per year at starting and it will go to 20 to 22 lakhs per year as your experience increase. 

Marketing Managers is a very suitable job offered by many business associations and companies for Commerce students. 

As a marketing manager, your main aim is to market a product to customers with campaigns and meet the budget too.

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3. Investment Banker

After completing your degree in Commerce, you can work as an Investment Banker. As an investment banker, you have to work as a financial advisor in major firms and associations. 

This job is highly paid and the range goes up to 26 lakhs per year and mainly depends upon your experience. 

The main responsibility of an investment banker is to give a financial recommendation to different organizations in order to reach financial plans. Your advice helps the firms to make good use of their budgets and to reach financial goals.

4. Entrepreneur

One of the main jobs is as an Entrepreneur and it is highly paid. As an entrepreneur, your responsibility to launch, manage, and develop their own business and to have their full responsibilities. 

As a successful entrepreneur, you can earn 110 to 120 lakh per year and it is one of the encouraged and paying jobs. 

You have to work as a manager of the business enterprise and you have to take the complete responsibilities of the company’s outcome. Your earning depend upon how much your business is known and successful in the market.
commerce business jobs in pakistan

5. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

One of the most known and top posts in a company is the CEO of a corporation. CEOs are expected to take care of daily operations, marketing strategies, and to deal with all business aspects of and organization. 

CEO deal with all the major responsibilities, hire staff, meet the demands of the staff for the organization and to manage the public relations of the particular organization. 

You need much experience to become a CEO and you will get about 24 lakhs per year. CEO’s are the top executives and directly link with the board of directors.

6. Retail Manager

Retail Manager works for the management of hypermarkets and to make marketing strategies to reach out to more customers. 

You can easily earn 10 lakh per year

As a retail manager, you should have full awareness of brands and marketing strategies. You have to manage staff, sales, inventory, and resources of the association. Retail Managers are highly paid.

7. Actuary

Another highly paid job is to work as an actuary after completing your education with commerce in major. 

As an actuary, your work is to access risks associated with the insurance industry. One can earn about 10 to 14 lakh per year. It is a very respectable job title as a professional and you have to manage risks including property loss, disability and to estimate future events. 

It is a highly rewarding job and you can get a job beyond the financial institutions.

8. Human Resource Manager (HRM)

A Human Resource Manager gives plans to manage employees of the association in order to increase the profit and meet the demands of the firm. 

best jobs and fields for commerces with high salary

It has a lot of scope in the Business and Management departments. An HRM can earn up to 10 to 12 lakh per year and with the increase of experience, you will get up to 12 to 15 lakh per year. HRM are highly paid by different companies and associations.

9. Personal Financial Advisor

One of the good-paying jobs is as a Personal Financial Advisor. The responsibility is to help clients in financial objectives and management of debts. 

You can earn about 8 lakhs per year easily. Your role is to meet the client’s objectives and investments. Personal Financial Advisors give knowledge about State and Federal taxes.

10. Sales Manager

After your degree in commerce, you can work as a professional sales representative, deal sales statistics, and develop good means for an organization’s sale. 

Sale managers should directly deal with dealers, distributors and to manage sales performance. 

One can easily earn about 12-14 lakh per year depending upon the experience. 

The major tasks of a sales manager are to maximize the sales, earn profits, and development of products. 

I hope you will like this article as it covers the top ten highest paid jobs for the commerce students. If you choose one of them you can easily earn a good amount. If you choose the commerce field, you can easily get a comfortable career. 

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