Scop of MA English literature and linguistics in Pakistan

Pakistan is a progressing country. We have been teaching English as Second language to our students. So, Everyone is curious about the scope of the Master or BS level degree in English in Pakistan. I have explained in detail the concepts associated with the scope of bs in English or MA in English in Pakistan.

Bs and MA english literature and linguistics scope

Scope of BS English / MA English in Pakistan

The difference between MA English and BS English is very minor. BS in English Literature and Linguistics is equal to a Master in English literature and linguistics.

 So, both degrees have the same scope and importance in Pakistan.

Is BS English / MA English a good degree?

MA English is the best degree to choose at master level, it not only polishes your reading and writing abilities but also gives you the best options in your career. 

It’s not because it is an international language, the main reason is that it is our official language used at educational institutes and courts. 

English is a mandatory language for almost every job and a master's degree in English opens several upcoming opportunities.

You can read details about MA English syllabus and subjects in a separate post on this blog. 

The degree is of two years offered by several universities and you can attempt it as a private student. The admission criteria differ for each institution but it basically depends upon the graduation marks. You will cover both classical and modern English in these two years. 

If you are not interested in English, you can choose a subject from a list of all subjects for Private MA and do an MA in any subjects you want.

Jobs and Careers after MA English

After getting a master's degree in MA English you can show excellence in various fields. A master of the English language is unbeatable in communication skills. 

Many companies and firms demand persons to handle national and international communication with clients. If you are holding a degree in MA English following are the major careers you can adopt.

You can do the following jobs after MA English in Pakistan:

1. Teaching:

The first best career for a person who has his major in English is to be a teacher. You can try into the government sector after having a professional education degree. 

Teaching at different levels like school, college or a coaching center is a very respectable job. You can attend international teaching seminars to get a job at the best educational institutes.

Instead of traditional teaching, you can work as a remote teacher to help out students in learning English. You can also start writing or spoken English program and teach students online. 

This not only makes you in ease but also you can charge a handsome fee for international students.

2. Freelancing:

People are usually looking for a remote job. If you have an English degree your excellence in writing and communication gives you a high opportunity here. 

You can work as a Virtual Assistant for different persons. All you need to make an account on a Freelancing platform, make a grabbing profile, get clients, and work anytime and from anywhere.

You can work more than a Virtual Assistant, a Freelance Writer, or a Rewriter, more than it you can do academic research for clients. If you have a good voice, you can also work as an English Voiceover artist.

3. Professional Writer:

Every proposal and record are present in a well-mannered written format in most companies. Different businesses and companies demand a proposal to be properly documented and written in a defined form. 

Major companies hire specialists to write their letters, professional E-mails to the clients, and proposals to be documented. A person having a master's in English should try this job.

4. Articulate at a Company:

In the industry, companies need to communicate with each other and with clients. This communication not only confined to document sharing but sometimes it needs to have personal meetings and conversations to attend.

Employees having a high command of their work sometimes lose clients because of poor attitude in communication. 

Companies then give jobs to specialists who can handle verbal communication at offices. An English degree holder is the best person to act as a verbal assistant at a company.

5. Content Writer:

This is the era of technology; everything is moving online. Business, firms, and associations are building their Websites and Webpages to reach out to more clients. They need persons to write their content on their websites, day by day changes and writings are required for several areas of a Website.

You can work as a content writer for more than one company. International companies also offer online jobs as Content Writer remotely. 

These companies not only offer a good package but also you get experience and can reach out to more clients.

6. Civil Services Jobs and Tests

If you have enough command on English and good at writing skills you can go for a civil service exam like CSS and PMS.  

A person with a strong background in English finds it a great option for their future as they have a good knowledge of literature and history. These White-Collar jobs are not only highly paid but also give you a strong position at working place. 

BS English is good for CSS as it gives you an excellent writing skill in English. Moreover, you have a sound knowledge of English language and literature which helps you a lot in CSS.  

You can read my other post on a Complete guide and information about CSS.

7. Editor:

If you have a high command of English you can work as an Editor at different places. Many offices, law firms, educational institutes, publishing houses, and newspaper publishing places requires a highly skilled and professional editor. 

As a MA English degree holder, you can work as an Editor at these places.

Moreover, you can also work as a script editor, web content editor, and indifferent magazine publishing company. Many offices related to publishing also need editors to refine their work.

8. Journalist:

Another well-paid job is being a journalist or to join a media center either print or electronic media. As an MA English degree holder, you can well describe the facts using catching words than others. 

You can do research, edit content, write news stories; for magazines, journals, newspapers, and for online media places. You can also join media places as an anchorperson as you have proficient skills in English. 

But for journalism, you need to have a good vocabulary, high command on word usage, and expressive in your writing. 

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9. English Learning Academy:

If you want to be a self-employer after getting a MA English degree, you have your option. Many people are searching for an English academy or a tutor. 

Open your own academy, arrange classes for both English speaking and writing. Both courses are always in demand as people wanted to improve their English skills. You will get a handsome income from this self-employment job. 

10. Translator, Proofreader etc

You can apply for this job. You also join Fivver to get you the order for this service. People will hire you to do the translation, proofreading and other content manipulation jobs. But being a success on Fivver is not easy. You can read our post which will help you get your first order on Fivver with simple tips and tricks

Benefits of MA English in Pakistan

The best advantage of having an English degree is that you have a hold on grammar and writing capabilities. This opens a lot of options as you can write whatever you want and covert your ideas in an efficient manner. 

If you have some knowledge about SEO, you can also start your website or write articles for others. You can work as a reporter, an Urdu translator, proofreader, and much more.

MA English or BS English salary in Pakistan

The salary of MA English or BS English depends upon the nature of Job and the scope of the company in which you are working. 

The salary of an English teacher at secondary level is usually between Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. But the colleges offer a higher salary between Rs 30,000-50,000 to English teachers.

Similarly, if you do content editing and translation and proofreading jobs, you may get Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 in a month easily.


I hope you will like this article as it covers all the major fields which well suited for a person having its major degree in English. The scope of BS English and MA English is good in Pakistan but it all depends upon your hard work and secondary skills.

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