Mass communication subjects and scope in Pakistan

I m going to explain the scope and importance of a mass communication degree in Pakistan. I am going to give details about the professions, subjects, courses, jobs, salary structure, and admissions for mass communication study students. So, read this post completely so that you can get the deepest knowledge about the profession.

ba mass communication scope and subjects in Pakistan

Mass Communication study Scope in Pakistan

Now we will discuss here the scope of mass communication by discussing various factors that may develop the scope of a particular subject.

The following concepts have been explained in this article:

1. The definition and introduction to mass communication
2. Jobs for mass communication students in Pakistan
3. Salary structure for mass communication jobs
4. Mass communication subjects
5. Universities offering mass communication courses
6. Mass communication admissions and eligibility
7. General information

So now let us start the discussion.

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1. Introduction of Mass communication degree and course

Mass communication is a professional degree program offered in top universities in Pakistan. The students of mass communication study media related courses for two years (or 4 semesters). This degree gives the students knowledge and understanding of communication techniques and skills at a mass level. 

So, mass communication has vast subject matter related to media broadcasting and journalism. The students of mass communication often start there career as a journalist, reporter, newscaster, assistant producer, or on other entry-level positions in media houses and TV channels.

The other related terms related to mass communication are media studies, journalism, mass com, communication studies etc.

2. Work fields for Mass communication in Pakistan

The students with a degree in mass communication work in media and publishing-related fields. 

The following organizations, businesses, and departments will offer a job to mass communication students.
  • TV channels
  • Newspapers
  • News websites
  • Media houses
  • Radio stations
  • Media agencies
  • Publicity and marketing companies
  • Pak Army
  • Ministery of Public communication Pakistan
  • NGOs
So, as you can see there are many organizations, businesses, and departments which have positions for mass communication students.

2. Jobs and careers for Mass Communication students

mass communication subjects and admission 2021

The following posts are offered to the mass communication degree holder in various departments:

1. Newscaster 

The students of mass communication are employed as newscasters in radio stations, TV channels, Web TVs, and other media which broadcasts live news.

2. Reporters

Many students are working as news reports and various category reporters like crime reporters, sports reporters, health reporters, education reporters etc. The main function of reporters is to collect information about an event or news and report it to his/her TV or radio station etc.

3. Journalists

Usually, the students of Mass communication join the mass media as a journalist. The journalist is a broad term and it includes all types of journalists like a broadcast journalist, newspaper journalist, magazine journalist, online journalist, education journalist, etc. 

4. TV Anchor or Host

A TV anchor or host is a good position at a TV station. These people get the highest salary and prestige. But not all candidates are directly appointed as anchors or hosts. 

You have to spend some years as a journalist or reporter or newscaster. You have to write your own column in any good-reputed daily in Pakistan.

You must pose the following skills to become an Anchor in Pakistan:
  • Good communication
  • experience in political journalism
  • Good looking personality
  • Good voice
  • Handy knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge
  • An investigative approach to issues
  • Research skills
The people who become TV anchors are usually columnists, Authors, poets, models, actors, radio broadcasters.

Only a fraction of TV anchors come through references, family relations, and business linkages.

5. Assistant producer or Producer

Having a degree of BS or MA level with mass communication opens the opportunities to become a producer. 

The fresh students with a mass communication degree can enter mass media as an assistant producer. The assistant producers usually do video editing, image editing, video capturing, audio recording, etc.

6. Other Jobs for Mass communication students

Mass communication students are running their own media houses, ads companies, marketing companies, modeling companies, web TVs, Radio channels etc. So, there are many opportunities of jobs and own business for Mass communication students.

3. Salary structure for Mass Communication Jobs

The salary in mass media depends upon the nature of the job and the position one is working on. So, different salary packages are offered by different media houses. A TV anchor usually gets between 3 - 10 lack per month.

So, it all depends upon your job and experience. An entry-level job for mass communication students offers minimum of 30,000 rupees per month. The salary of various posts in a media production house may have the following minimum and maximum range depending upon the TV channels and the earning of the house.

  • New reporter:  20,000 - 50, 000
  • Newscaster: 10,000 - 30, 000
  • Media designer: 30,000 - 50, 000
  • Graphics designer and illustrator: 40, 000 - 50, 000
  • Talk Show Host: 200, 000 - 1, 000, 000
  • Cameraman: 20, 000 - 30, 000
  • Technician: 20, 000 - 30, 000
  • Screenwriter/script writer: 20, 000 - 50, 000
These salaries may vary channel to channel and experience-based.

4. Subjects taught to Mass Communication students

The following subjects are taught to mass communication students at BS and Master level:

  1. Mass communication - basic concepts
  2. Theories of communication
  3. Social Research
  4. Media management
  5. Marketing
  6. online journalism
  7. Media report writing
  8. feature, column, and editorial writing
  9. Media ethics and laws
  10. Cyber laws
  11. specialized journalism
  12. History of mass media
  13. Modern techniques in Mass media
  14. organizational behavior
  15. Social statistics
  16. Video capturing, editing and broadcasting
  17. Interview and video survey skills
There are many other courses that are taught to the students of Mass Communication in Pakistan.

5. Universities offering mass communication degree

The following universities in Pakistan offer a mass communication degree program:
  • Punjab University Lahore
  • GC University Lahore
  • GC University Faisalabad
  • Lahore college for women University
  • Virtual University of Pakistan Lahore
  • University of Sargodha
  • University of Gujrat
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • NUST Islamabad
  • NUML Islamabad
  • Riphah University Islamabad
  • FC College University Lahore
  • LGU Lahore
  • Balochistan University
  • Karachi University Karachi
  • Sindh University Jamshoro
  • Gomal University DI Khan
  • Peshawar University Peshawar
There are other universities too which offer this course under the licensing of any top university.

6. Mass Communication admission and eligibility

As I have earlier discussed, the admissions in Mass communication degree are offered in various universities both at the BS level and the Master level. 

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Different universities have their own criteria and different merit procedure. But generally, the following eligibility criteria are observed for admission in mass communication.

  • FA with journalism for admission in BA honor in Mass communication program
  • BA with journalism for admission in Master level mass communication program
  • At least 1st division in Matric, FA and BA
  • Passing entry test conducted by the University
  • Interview marks
Now I think we should move to further details about the scope of mass communication in Pakistan. I am going to express my own views and thoughts about the scope and worth of a mass communication degree in Pakistan.


There is a lot of scope and worth of mass communication degree in Pakistan. There are a lot of opportunities to set a decent career in media and production. You can start your own business too.

You must be motivated, have good communication skills, and good-looking personality if you want to join the media and production field. You can open your own web TV.

The importance of mass communication degree is increasing day by day. You should get admission in a good university and fully focus on your degree and learn and practice new skills that will help you in practical life.

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