BA Associate Degree part 2 English paper pattern 2021

Punjab University, University of Gujrat, Sargodha University and BZU Multan has the same English syllabus for BA associate degree in arts. The Associate Degree in Arts (ADA) is the new name for BA. No other change has been made in the course except changing the name. The course content and the exams system is the same.

BA English paer 2 paper and syllabus 2021 PU, BZU, Sargodha University

BA Associate Degree part 2 English paper patter

The paper pattern for BA part 2, now called an associate degree in Arts part 2, for English subjects is given below:

PU, UOS, UOG and BZU BA part 2 English paper pattern 2021

Total marks of English for BA part 2

The total marks of BA part 2 English are 100.

In the paper for an Associate degree in Arts part 2, there are 6 questions. The Paper is made from the following syllabus of BA part 2:
  • A selection from Modern English essays
  • The old man and the Sea (novel)
  • Essay writing
  • Correction of sentences
  • Idioms and phrasal verbs
  • Formal Letter writing
  • Job application writing

Paper questions and division of marks

Q.No.1. Questions from A selection from Modern English Essays (20 marks)
  • There are three questions (parts) and the students have to attempt ANY TWO questions
  • Every question has 10 marks and both two will make a total of 20 marks
  • The length of your answer should be 150-200 words.
Q.No.2. Questions from the novel the old man and the sea (20 marks)
  • Two questions are to be attempted from given three questions
  • Having 10 marks each, the both questions will carry 20 marks total
  • You have to keep the length of the question between 150 and 200 words
Q.No.3. Write an essay with outlines on the given topics (25 marks)
  • There are five topics given and the students have to write a detailed essay on ANY ONE of the given topics
  • The outlines should be included in the start of the essay
  • The length of the essay should be 300-350 words
Q.No.4. Correction of Sentences (10 marks)

  • Ten sentences are given with at least one mistake in each
  • The students have to correct ANY FIVE of these sentences
  • each corrected sentences will carry 2 marks
Q.No.5. Use Idiomatic expression in sentences (10 marks)
  • Ten idioms and phrasal verbs are given and the students have to use ANY FIVE of them in their own sentences.
  • Each sentence has 2 marks making a total of 10 marks.
Q.No.6. Application or Letter (15 marks)
  • There is an external choice in this question
  • There can be a choice between a letter or an application, or there can be a choice between two applications
  • A job application should be written or an application or a letter to the editor of the newspaper should be written

Outline of English paper for BA part 2 2021

BA part 2 English paper pattern 2021 pdf download

Download sample paper for BA English


  1. Write relevant and to the point answers
  2. Write fast as you will be given 3 hours time to attempt the paper
  3. Only the first five idioms and phrases used in sentences will be marked and no marks will be given for over-attempted idioms
  4. Similarly, only first five sentences of corrections will be marked
  5.  While writing a letter or an application, specific style and layout should be followed
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