BA associate degree part 1 English Paper pattern 2021 PU

BA, which is now called Associate Degree in Arts (ADA), part 1 English paper pattern 2020 is given here. Although Punjab University has decided to take 2020 exams for BA part 2 online in terms of MCQs and Objective type papers. But the general paper pattern for BA English part 1 is given below.

BA Part 1 English paper pattern for PU, SU, Gujrat University

Now I will explain the components of English paper for BA and Associate Degree in Arts. Punjab University, University of Gujrat, Sargodha University, BZU Multan, and other Public universities of Pakistan takes Associate Degree exams in the same pattern and the same. The syllabus of BA and associate degrees for all universities is the same.

Associate degree part 1 English paper scheme and pattern PU, UOS, BZU 2021

Associate Degree in Arts part 1 English paper scheme

The English paper for BA, Associate degree in arts part 1 is given and explained below:

BA English Part 1 division of marks

BA (ADA) English part 1 total marks are 100.

The paper of English Associate degree part 1 consists of five (5) questions. The arrangements and marks scheme of BA English part 1 paper is given as:

Q.No.1. Explanation of poetic verse and extracts from Plays (20 marks)

  • This question has 5 parts
  • 3 stanzas from poems are given
  • 2 extracts from plays are given
  • The students have to explain any THREE parts with reference to the context.
  • Every part will have 7.5 marks each.
  • To prepare this question, students study "Anthology of English verse" book included in BA Syllabus.

Q.No.2. Questions Answers from Short stories and Plays (20 marks)

  • This question has 3 parts (3 questions)
  • Two parts from short stories and one part from plays
  • Students have to give answer to ANY TWO of the three given questions.
  • Every part (Question) carries 10 marks making a total 20 marks for this question
Note: You have to write every answer up to 150 words.

Q.No.3. Questions Answers from Poems (20 marks)

  • In this question, three questions from Poems (Anthology of English Verse) are given
  • The students have to attempt ANY TWO questions
  • Every question carries 10 marks making it 20 marks for the question.
  • The length of each answer should be around 150 words

Q.No.4. Comprehension paragraph (25 marks)

  • A paragraph is given in English
  • Students have to answer 5 questions given at the end of the paragraph
  • each from the given 5 short questions carries 2 marks (10 marks total)
  • The 6th question is to write a precise of the given paragraph keeping about 1/3 of the original paragraph.
  • 15 marks are allotted to precise (15 marks total)
You can check my post on How to solve BA English Precise Question

Q.No.5. Translation from Urdu to English OR A Dialogue writing in English (15 marks)

  • A paragraph is given in Urdu and students have to translate it into English
  • if the students do not want to translate from Urdu to English they can choose alternative questions of writing a dialogue on the given topic.
  • So, there is a choice in this question
  • You can either translate the paragraph or write a dialogue on the given topic.
BA part 1 English paper pattern 2021

English part 1 Sample Paper

Here is a sample paper for BA part 1
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  1. Sir Assalam O Alaikum
    Overall great efforts done...
    But in sample paper of English Part 1 need little bit amendments.
    Question No 1 reference to the context is from Poems and One Act Play.
    You need to correct your submitted paper, that shows Poems and Short Stories