Associate Degree program in University complete information and FAQs

Now all of us know that HEC has abolished 2 years BA or BSc program which was being served in all Public and private universities in Pakistan. Here I have tried to describe the difference between BA and Associate Degree in Arts. The Associate degree in Science is also changed and is now different from a regular BSc degree. So, let us start a complete discussion on the topic.

Associate Degree Program in Pakistan

Now I have decided to take this post in a question-answer way. I will try my best to cover every question that arises in the minds of the students and try to answer it. In this way, my objective is to cover complete information about the Associate Degree program in Pakistan. Earlier this program was a bachelor level degree, now it is an associate-level degree. As earlier, it was called Bachelor of art (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) but now it is called an associate degree in Arts (ADA) and Associate Degree in Science (ADSc) respectively.

Let us start the discussion about the associate degree program. The most common questions asked by the students are given below with answers.

1. What is an Associate Degree?

Ans: An associate degree is an academic degree that is awarded on the completion of 1st two years of university education. It is an undergraduate level degree with two years duration. The concept of associate degree came from the United States and other countries like Canada and Japan.

2. How associate degree in arts differs from BA?

Ans: Associate Degree in arts has the same level and importance as BA. It has the same 2 years duration or 4 semesters. This degree only different from BA on the basis of curriculum and subjects being taught. 

In BA, the students choose 2 elective subjects from a variety of subjects. In an Associate degree, those subjects will be technical in nature and have more career-oriented content. The students after taking associate degrees can serve the local market and local industry well. The main objective of the Associate Degree is to give the students skill-based education that will help them in their professions and jobs.

3. The syllabus and subjects for an Associate Degree in Arts?

Ans: The syllabus and course outlines for Associate Degree has also changed. Now the students will have to study 22 subjects in 2 years or 4 semesters. There will be 6 compulsory and 16 elective subjects from which students will choose their major. 2 subjects will be discipline-specific foundation courses

Here are the standard syllabus and course outline for the Associate degree program

Associate Degree program syllabus and subjects

 The following major and elective subjects will be offered once the curriculum for every subject is complete.

1. Health Services and Para-Medical Technology
ii. Business and Commerce
iii. Public Service
iv. Data Processing and Programming
v. Occupational Studies
vi. Physical Therapy
vii. Accounting, Information Systems
viii. Computer Networking
ix. Network Management
x. Web Design, Web Management
xi. Health Information Technology
xii. Industrial/Production Technologies
xiii. Health Care Administration
xiv. Media Studies
xv. Labour Relations 
xvi. Tourism & Hospitality 
xvii. Applied Psychology
xviii. Agri Business
xix. Dental Hygiene
xx. Indigenous Community Health
xxi. Community Management and Development
xxii. Medical Lab Technology
xxiii. Mine Technology
xxiv. Dental Therapy
xxv. Studio Art 
xxvi. Drama and Theater
xxvii. Music
xxviii. Sales & Marketing 
xxix. Security Management etc

The compulsory subjects for the associate degrees are same as of BA.

4. Paper Pattern for Associate Degree

The paper pattern for Associate degree program for Private students is not yet finalized. The students who are studying as regular students in a an affiliated college will have MCQs, Short questions and long questions in their assessment paper.

5. Can I do Associate degree as a private candidate?

Yes, you can do an associate degree as a private candidate but it will be slightly different from regular associate degree program. It will be more like BA.

6. When will the associate degree program start?

This program will start as soon as the universities and HEC prepare the curriculum and the other necessary arrangement like recruitment of staff, the building of laboratories, market link building, etc has been done. This program may be formally started in 2022. But HEC and the universities have currently named the ongoing BA/BSc programs "The associate degree program". But it will not formally start until the syllabus has been designed and the curriculum has been prepared.

7. Will the Associate degree be a semester system or annual system?

It will be the semester system for regular students and annual system for private students

8. Which Universities in Pakistan are offering Associate Degree programs?

The following universities in Pakistan are offering Associate Degree program:
  • Punjab University Lahore
  • Sargodha University
  • University of Gujrat
  • Virtual University Lahore
  • Riphah University Islamabad
  • The colleges affiliated to these Universities
  • More Universities are starting this Program
Note: If you have any questions regarding the Associate degree program, please ask me in the comments and I will answer that question.

Important Information

The formal Associate degree program has not yet started. The ongoing BA and BSc programs are now terms as associate degrees but this is not the real shape of the associate degree program. So, until the real associate degree program is launched by HEC and the universities, this BA and BSc programs will continue as they are. But the names of BA and BSc are now changed and they now call Associate Degree in Arts and Associate Degree in Science respectively.

Download the Associate Degree Program details in PDF

Here is the complete document with details of an Associate degree program shared by HEC. The download button is given below the image.


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