What to do after BA in Pakistan - All Options after BA

Whether you do BA private or regular students, you can do many things after doing a BA in Pakistan. It all depends upon which subjects you study in BA. You may have taken different subjects combination for BA. There are many combinations in BA that will suit you and give you options for further study.

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Remember that BA, now called Associate Degree in Arts (ADA) so now we can call it ADA instead of BA. You might have studied economics subjects, sociology, psychology, or any subjects in BA. But this post is equally beneficial for all students regardless of which subject they study in BA.

What to do after BA in Pakistan?

Many students do not exactly know what they should do after BA or which options are best after BA. There are many career counselling websites for BA students. I have my own knowledge and expertise and it may differ from others.  So let us start the discussion about what you can do if you have passed BA.

<What to do after BA in Pakistan, BA jobs and MA after study

You can do the following things after BA:

1. You can do an MA after BA

Doing an MA after BA is simple continuity of your formal education. But say which subjects are best for MA after BA? That all depends upon your interests and the subjects you study in BA. 

You can do the following MA in the following subjects after studying any subjects in BA:
  • MA Arabic
  • MA Islamic studies
  • MA English
  • MA Urdu
  • MA Punjabi
  • MA in Political Science
  • MA History
  • MA Kashmiryat
  • Philosophy
  • Persian
  • Fine Arts
  • Pak Study
But if you have to do an MA in other subjects, you have to take that particular subject in in BA as Elective subject. The above-mentioned subjects can be taken in masters as a private candidate. But in order to do MA or MSc in other subjects like economics, sociology, MBA, MA psychology etc, you have to take admission in an affiliated college or University.

If you want to do MA after BA in the following subjects, you have to study that subject in BA as elective subject.
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Journalism
  • Social work
  • Education
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • Zoology
  • Health and physical education
  • Library Science
  • Botany
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Space Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
Now let's discuss other options after BA in Pakistan.

2. MSc After BA

You can do MSc in Economics, MSc Sociology, MSc Psychology and such other master-level programs that are social sciences after BA. But for an MSc in Social Sciences, you have to pass an entry test to get admission. You have to study those subjects at the BA level too.

3. LLB After BA?

Almost a year or two ago, LLB admission eligibility criteria were BA. But now, you can do LLB after FA too. The duration of the LLB course after FA is 5 years. The old course that is LLB after BA is 3 years duration course. You can easily get admission to LLP at PU or BZU on merit if you have studied Political science at the BA level. So, LLB is a good option after BA.

4. PPSC, PMS or CSS Exams preparation

You may be interested in finding high-rank Govt Job after BA. You should prepare for PPSC exam for certain jobs or just prepare for CSS exams. If you pass CSS, you will be appointed at 17 scale Govt Job. That is the best thing if you can try after BA.

PPSC take exams for certain vacant jobs. For BA qualification, usually the jobs at least 12 scales or higher. It can be up to 17 scales. 

Here is a complete guide for the CSS exam.

5. Do Your Own business after BA

As BA means Batchelor of Arts, you do not have option to go into science. You can go into only social sciences. And if you plan to do a Private MA, you can start your own business alone. You can do any business that does not require a lot of investment.

I have already made a list of business with very low investment in 2020. You can read that post to have an idea of which business best suits you.

6. Jobs after BA in Pakistan

There are several multinational companies and govt departments which offer jobs to BA passed. Office work, documentation, etc, especially with computer literacy are the best jobs for after BA. You can keep checking the daily newspaper ads for jobs, job websites etc to get the latest updates about new jobs.

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    i wanted to enrol my self in international relations as a private student as I'm preparing for css but i doesn't have adp degree in IR ,in fact my electives were english literature and journalism as well ......please let me know if I'm eligible for getting my admission done from punjab university or not

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