Explanation of poem tears of nature stanza by stanza

The Explanation of the poem Tears of Nature by Graeme King is given below line by line. The explanation of the poem "tears of nature" for all stanzas is given below. The poem Tears of nature is a beautiful and thought-provoking poem with a good message.

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Explanation of the Poem Tears of Nature

The explanation of the poem Tears of nature is given for all stanzas. Here is the stanza wise explanation of the poem:
tears of nature poem explanation all stanza class 11 fbise kpk

Stanza 1 Explanation

In this stanza, the poet has expressed his deep concerns over environmental degradation. The poet says that he had heard the mother nature crying. Here, the poet has used a beautiful personification. The earth is personified and the word "cry" symbolizes the destruction and bad things we do to the Earth. 

The poet says even when we fell a tree and it produces sound, it represents the voice of nature and it is just like a cry. The earth cries for the loss of its beauty (the trees). Although we are not yet realizing this when the time will pass by, we will come to know how dangerous our activities against the earth would have been.

Stanza 2 Explanation

In this stanza, the poet has attracted our attention to reality. We only believe the things we can see. But there are consequences that are out of sight. As we do anti-environment activities on the earth, it damages the Ozon layer in the sky. It produces holes in the Ozon layer. 

But we are still doing the damage because we do not believe the consequences as we cannot see the hole in the sky with our eyes. The poet wants to convey a message that sometimes our negligence and carelessness cause the damage we cannot compensate. But we do not know this fact today. We will learn it as time passes.

Stanza 3 Explanation

In this stanza, the poet has tried to explain the fact that we are burning coal in our factories expelling huge amounts of smoke in the air. We use coal in the factories and make our atmosphere dirty. But we all know that solar power is free. We can use solar energy instead of coal. 

But all we do is using coal and ignoring the eco-friendly solar energy which can do all works. The poet has expressed his deep concerns over the use of smoky fuels making the air full of health-hazards. But he says that we will realize all these facts as time passes quickly.

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Stanza 4 Explanation

The poet keeps on describing man-made technology like rockets, ships, and planes. 
The poet laments over the so-called progress made by Human beings. He says that in spite of all man has made, he is unable to control the pollution of the sea. 

The poet wants to clear the point that development and technological advancement is of no use if we cannot make our environment worth-living. We pollute the seas and affect sea life. Science has given us all facilities. But what is the use of this technology if one day we will not be able to live on this planet due to dangerous level of pollution.

Stanza 5 Explanation

Again in this stanza, the poet emphasizes our careless attitude towards nature and its belongings. We do not care what is going on around, The TV shows present before us the news of the danger the species are facing. The news tell us that some species are about to extinct. But we overlook such news or we use diplomacies.

The poet has made the fact clear that such a human attitude towards nature would bring about serious consequences. We do not speak against the brutalities with animals. We do not take measures to protect animals and species. The extinction of several species would create an imbalance in nature and we will have to suffer in the end. But we are ignoring it and we will have to repent when the time has gone.

Stanza 6 Explanation

In this stanza, the poet highlights our mindset, which is somehow responsible for prevailing circumstances. None of us is ready to take the initiative. We all believe that others should start the campaign first. Every one of us thinks that I alone cannot do anything when others are not doing.

In fact, the poet has pointed to a bitter fact of today. We think that this is not our responsibility to start. But any successful ending has someone a starter. So, why you can't be the starter. The poet says that he is hearing the mother nature cry but we will learn this fact after the time is gone.

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