Best BA (ADA) subjects combinations with scope 2021

No matter, you are a private candidate or a regular student admitted to an affiliated college. BA is the first-degree level course after you complete your schooling in Pakistan. Here the school level is Higher Secondary level or HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) BA is the base of your master's degree.

So, you are going to choose the subjects that are best for your future career and your further studies. I have explained everything well and you should read the complete post to get a clear understanding of which subjects are best for BA and which Subjects you should take in BA to get good marks.

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What is BA in Pakistan?

BA refers to the first degree-level course in Pakistan. BA stands for Batchelor of Arts. Now it has been changed to Associate Degree in Arts (ADA). So, the new name for BA is ADA. In Pakistan, BA can be done after passing higher secondary school certificate. Many Public Universities in Pakistan offer BA or ADA programs. It is 2 years course after which students can take admission in a masters level program.
BA scope and important best subjects punjab university 2021

B.A Subjects 2021 for Punjab University and SU

First of all, let me tell you about the course content and marks the division of BA. Both PU and SU and even Unversity of Gujrat also have the same course outlines for BA. So, let us discuss the course content and structure of the BA degree.

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BA 1st year (part 1) Subjects and marks

BA part 1 has the following 6 subjects
  • English Compulsory = 100 marks
  • Islamic Education = 40 marks
  • Pak Study = 30 marks
  • Insani Haqoow or Rawadari = 30 marks
  • Elective subject 1 = 100 marks
  • Elective Subject 2 = 100 marks
BA part 1 (1st year) has a total 400 marks

Note: Insaani Haqooq or Rawadari, a new subject, has been incorporated in the syllabus of BA first time for 2021 exams. 

BA 2nd Year (part 2) Subjects and Marks

BA part 2 (4th year) has the following 4 subjects

  • English Compulsory = 100 marks
  • Elective subject 1 = 100 marks
  • Elective subject 2 = 100 marks
  • Optional Subject = 100 Marks
BA part 2 has a total of 400 marks

If you want to know the details of how the syllabus of English for BA is distributed in Part 1 and Part 2, you can read my post: BA English Syllabus division 2021.

BA (ADA) Subjects Combinations 2021

The subjects are grouped in the following categories:
  1. Compulsory Subjects
  2. Elective Subjects
  3. Optional Subjects

How will you choose subjects in BA?

You will have to study all the compulsory subjects in BA. You will have to choose 2 elective subjects and one optional subject. Both elective subjects will have two parts each. 1 part will be taken in BA part 1 and the other part will be taken in the BA part 2. There is no optional subjects in BA part 1. BA part 2 has one optional subject.

List of Compulsory subjects for BA 2021

  • English
  • Islamic Education
  • Pak Study
  • Insaani Hqooq and Rawadari

List of Elective Subjects in BA

The students have to choose any two of the following subjects:

1. Aero-Science (for P.A.F. College, Sargodha)
2. Arabic
3. Applied Psychology
4. Bengali
5. Biochemistry
6. Botany
7. Chemistry
8. Computer Studies
9. Economics
10. Education
11. English Literature
12. Fine Arts
13. French
14. Geography
15. Geology
16. German
17. History
18. Hindi
19. Home Economics
20. Health & Physical Education
21. Islamic Studies
22. Italian
23. Journalism
24. Kashmiryat
25. Library & Information Science
26. Mathematics A Course
27. Mathematics B Course
28. Mathematics General
29. Music
30. Persian
31. Philosophy
32. Physics
33. Political Science
34. Punjabi
35. Russian
36. Social Work
37. Sociology
38. Space Science
39. Spanish
40. Statistics
41. Turkish
42. Urdu
43. Women Studies
44. Zoology

Note: as you have to choose the subjects when you send admission for 3rd year (BA part 1), the same two elective subjects will be taken in 4th year (BA part 2). You can not change elective subjects in Part 2.

For example, if you take Sociology and Arabic as elective subjects in BA part 1 and take exams for 100 marks each, Then you have to take the same two subjects, i.e. sociology and Arabic in BA part 2 for 100 marks each paper.

List of Optional Subjects in BA

Students have to take one of the following optional subjects in BA part 2 only.

1. Arabic
2. Applied Psychology
3. Astronomy
4. Bengali
5. Economics
6. English Literature
7. Fine Arts
8. French
9. Geography
10. German
11. History
12. Home Economics
13. Islamic Studies
14. Italian
15. Journalism
16. Mathematics
17. Kashmiryat
18. Library & Information Science
19. Music
20. Persian
21. Philosophy
22. Political Sciences
23. Punjabi
24. Russian
25. Sindhi
26. Sociology
27. Spanish
28. Statistics
29. Social Work
30. Turkish
31. Urdu

Note:  Optional subjects are taken in BA part 2 only. This is 100 marks subjects.

Important Note: You cannot take the same subjects as elective and optional. You can take only take an optional subject which is not selected as an elective subject.

Rules and Regulations

  • No student can take two languages as elective subjects
  • Space science can be taken as elective subject only with Maths or Geography
  • Psychology and applied psychology are considered the same an cannot be taken together as elective subjects
  • A student failing in Islamic Education (compulsory) and Pak Study (Compulsory) will be considered a complete fail and he/she will have to take the whole exam again.
  • A candidate who wants to take admission in MSc. Math will have to study general math and B-course of math or both A and B courses of maths as elective subjects.
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Best Subjects in BA to Get good marks

The best subjects in BA to get good marks are as follows:
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Kashmiryat
  • Sociology
  • Punjabi
  • Islamic Studies
I have given this list only to get high marks in BA. But if you have a specific career orientation, you can choose those subjects. But if you only pass the BA with high marks and have no specific direction for further studies, or you want to do a job after BA, then you should choose from these subjects. 

Best Subject Combination for good marks in BA

Here is recommended subjects combination to get high marks in BA:
  • Arabic, Sociology (elective)
  • Persian (optional)
  • Kashmiryat, Arabic (Elective)
  • Persian (optional)
  • Sociology, Persian (Elective)
  • Arabic (optional)
  • Punjabi, Arabic (elective)
  • Persian (Optional)
Similarly, you can make your own combination from the given subjects.

Why am I suggesting these subjects?

Believe me, Arabic can give you 180+ marks as an elective subject. Similarly, Persian can give you 90+ marks as an optional subject. Arabic gives you high marks because the paper is just like an objective type. There are "True-False" questions too. And everything comes from the textbook exercise. That is very easy to remember.

Persian can give you high marks in BA. This is because there are only 4 questions in Persian paper. there is 40% choice. You have only to learn the translation of Hikayat and translation of the poetry section. 

You have a choice to either write a note on the Life of Allam Iqbal or Sheikh Saadi. Or you have a choice to write a note of Gulistan of Saadi or Payam-e-Mashriq of Allama Iqbal. 

Sociology is a very easy subject and gives you high marks too. Punjabi is easy for those who are Punjabis. Islamic Studies is easy as much content of Islamic education (Compulsory) and Islamic Studies (elective) is similar.

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BA Subjects with good scope and importance

Best subjects for BA, scope of BA 2021 Punjab University

Now we will discuss the subjects that have high scope regardless of the marks they will give you. The students who are more concerned with their future should continue with this part of the post. 

The following subjects of BA have a good scope in 2021

1. Sociology/Social Work/Women Studies

Sociology, social work, and women studies are almost the same things. They have similar scope on social fields. You can do M.Sc in any of these subjects if you take one of these in BA. 

These subjects have wider scope in NGOs, INGOs, Social sector, Social Welfare department, Population welfare and more. You can read my other post to get complete information about the scope of Sociology in Pakistan.

2. Journalism

Journalism is also an emerging field in Pakistan. Many journalists are taking hundred-thousands of salaries from TV channels. Many anchors have well-groomed lifestyles. 

Journalism degree holders can get an easy chance to enter a TV channel as a news reporter. Then you have opportunities to grow and build a career as a journalist and anchor. 

Media companies, advertisement companies, newspapers, magazines, and other similar companies are looking for new writers and reporters. 

There is a trend of making youtube channels to get extra money. See my other post on the scope of mass communication in Pakistan

3. Computer Studies

When you take computer studies in BA, you have options to do M.Sc in Computer science or MSc IT. You can also go for many related courses like web designing, software, and app development, hardware expert, etc. You can get a govt and private easily in the technology and telecom sector. 

Computer science is the best subject for those who have a craze for technology. So, the telecom sector is already being revamped in Pakistan during Imran Khan's era. You will see thousands of new IT jobs every month. So, this subject has a good scope in Pakistan. 

You can see complete information about the scope of computer science in Pakistan.

4. Health and Physical Education

Health and physical education have a good scope in all govt and private institutions. The students with a master degree in health and physical education are working in schools are health instructors, Teachers, lecturers, physiotherapists, coaches, trainers, instructor etc. 

Our country has already shortage of physical health instructors or coaches. Hundreds of posts for teachers and lecturers of these subjects are lying vacant in colleges and schools and even in Universities. You have a good reason to choose this subject in BA. 

5. English Literature

English is an international language. A person having good communication skills in English is needed in every organization. English literature at BA level will give you a chance to do M.A in English Literature and even a higher degree. 

English literature will give you exposure to the English language, context, social values, and much more. Ultimately, you can write your own books, become a lecturer, can do well in CSS and PMS exams. You can easily attempt any paper that is in English. The best use of this degree is CSS, PMS, PPSC, and other competitive exams and a job of lecturer or professor. You can open your own academy or college or you can easily get 50-60 thousand from any private college in just 2 to 3 hours daily. Scope of English Language and Literature in Pakistan

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6. Political Science/Civics

Political science and civics are both social sciences. You can take any one of these two or both if you plan to do LLB or LLM. Although now the LLB course is offered after passing HSSC in Pakistan. But you have good reason to take this subjects as you have chances to get admission to the LLB program on the bachelor level. Scope and jobs and the importance of political science in Pakistan

7. Education

This subject is especially best for girls. The ultimate of this subjects in Ph.D. in Education and educational policy. Education is not limited to teaching alone. There are many intermediary disciplines like education policy, educational research, planning, training, management, supervision, educational leadership, curriculum development, etc.  You can easily get a govt job on 17 scales in this subject.

You can do B.Ed after studying education as an elective subject in BA. B. Ed will enable you to get a govt job in Education and or a good teaching job in a good private school.

8. Applied Psychology

Today is the age of fast and hard lifestyle. People are using machines everywhere. The machines have affected human lives. The technology has changed the social life of people. Communities are reshaped, relations are reshaped, priorities and preferences of people have changed. All this has badly affected the human relations.

There are tension, disturbance and other problems in family life, individual life and all areas of human life. Growing problems in man's life have made him mentally sick. Psychologists are the people who play their role in this situation. So, the importance and scope of applied psychology is growing day by day. Scope of Applied Psychology in Pakistan


You can choose the subjects of your own choice but I have give the list of important subjects here. If you want to get good marks to get on merit in a University or College, then just take a single subject for which you will do Masters degree and take other subjects Arabic or Persian. it will help you come on merit. 

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