Scope of Sociology in Pakistan: Govt Jobs and Career Options

If you are planning to do M.Sc Sociology (previously it was MA but Now it is MSc) in Pakistan, You might be interested in knowing the scope and importance of sociology. You might like to know which careers are available for Sociology students in both the Public and Private sectors.

Scope of sociology in Pakistan with govt jobs and NGOs job and careers

Scope of Sociology in Pakistan

Sociology is a social science like are education, economics, political science, civics, and gender studies, etc. Now let me tell you that Sociology is a general subject covering specific domains like social work, gender studies, population studies, criminology, urban sociology, rural sociology etc. Now you must know that Sociology students can also do jobs in all the fields related to society.

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After doing MA Sociology (Now MSc Sociology) you can go into the following fields and choose your best job and career their:

1. Govt Jobs

Sociology experts and professionals can get government jobs in the following Govt. Departments:

  • Health department
  • Population welfare department
  • Social welfare department
  • Police and Crime branch
  • Pakistan Beuro of Statistics
  • Education Department
  • Workers Welfare Department
  • Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
  • Agriculture Department
  • Women development Departement
  • Livestock and dairy development Department
  • Labour and Human resources department
  • Local Government and Community development department
Apart from regular 12 to 17 scale jobs, Sociology graduates can prepare for CSS exams where sociology will help them a lot and they can get a 17 scale job in any desired Govt Department.

Thousands of jobs are announced in these departments every year. These jobs are announced through PPSC, FPSC, SPSC and NTS, so if you can pass these tests, the Govt Job is a guarantee.

The Sociology students are working in the following capacities on the Govt Jobs:
  • Social Welfare Officer
  • Population Welfare Officer
  • Labour Officer
  • Community Mobilizer
  • School health nutritionist
  • Research Associate
  • Research officer
  • Field Officers
  • Crime Controle Officers
  • Social Security Officer
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Police Officers
  • Supervisors
These are only a few of those hundreds of designations the sociology professionals are working on.

2. Private Sector Jobs

The main job pool for Sociology students is Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). These are the organizations directly working for the welfare of the marginalized segments of society. Sociology professionals get higher positions in these private organizations.

The other private companies and organizations that hire sociology experts are Banks, Factories, Consultants, Colleges and schools, farmhouses, private hospitals, family clinics etc

3. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

These are purely Social welfare organization working for the various demographies of the people. Some NGOs work for women, some for children, some work for democracy and peace, and others work for youth empowerment. Some NGOs work for widows and orphans and some work for old age people.

NGOs work in all fields like education, health, social security, safety, human rights etc. So, as Sociology is concerned with society and its functions, NGOs prefer sociology professionals for all designations except the finance department. There are some international NGOs called INGOs where sociologists are getting some thousands of dollars of salaries.

You can start from a local NGO and after getting experience, you can join national then international NGOs like UNCH, UNRDC, WHO, etc.

4. Your Own Business

If you take clinical sociology as your major, you can open your own family clinic. Like an MBBS Doctor, you can also earn millions of rupees from your own clinic or Hospital. You will not be treating physical problems, rather you will be treating social diseases like family disturbance, depressions, frustration, abnormal behaviour, family disputes and fights, family issues like divorce, family planning, legacy fights etc.


No subject has a narrow scope. Sociology too has a very broad scope and it offers many career options to the students. Sociology students can do all art jobs and also some technical jobs. You cannot remain jobless after you complete your MSc Sociology. Be confident! Job and a better job is a matter of hard work and struggle you do to get the job. If you are determined, you can get a job in days. Best of Luck!

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