Scope of Public Administration in Pakistan: MA and BS degrees

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Scope and importance of Public Administration

Public Administration in Pakistan

We will discuss the whole and complete information about the courses of Public Administration and the degrees like BS Public Administration and Masters in Public Administration (MPA). We start with the very basic information.

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1. What is Public Administration?

Public administration is a degree program in Pakistan that offers a Public Administration Degree at both bachelor and master levels. It is called BS public relations and Masters in Public Relation respectively. The students study the courses and subjects like Public policy, human resources management, Law, organizational behaviour and theories, communication and related theories, personality, and its theories, and other related subjects.

2. The objectives  of the Public Administration Degree

This degree equips the students with such skills that they can easily and skillfully administer the public institutions and organization. This degree is similar to the MBA, but an MBA is more specific to business organizations, while MPA is even valid for services and social organizations. So, the scope of Public Administration is wider than that of business administration (MBA)

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Scope of Public Administration in Pakistan

Now we will discuss where and how the job opportunities are distributed for the Public Administration degree holders in the country.

1. Jobs Capacities

A Public administration degree holder can do a job in the following capacities in all the Public and Private organizations:

1. HR Assistant

This is the entry-level spot in any Organization for PA degree holders. HR Assistant helps the Human Resources Officer (HR Officer) in his/her responsibilities. If you are very active and get experience, you are promoted to HR Officer. The salary of HR assistant ranges from PKR 30,000 - 50,000

2. HR Officer

Human Resources Officer (HR Officer) is a position in any organization which deals with and manages the employees of the organization. an HR officer is responsible for executing the employees, keeping and maintaining the records of the employees, making and enforcing HR policies, incentives and rewards for the employees, job agreements and termination etc. The salary of an HR Assistant depends upon 

A person having a degree of BS Hons in Public administration or MA in Public administration can get this job. This job position is available in every medium or large organization both in the private and public sectors. The salary of an HR officer depends upon experience, the organization's capacity, and the scope of the organization. Usually, the salary of HR officers ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 PKRs.

3. HR Manager /Director

This is the most prestigious post in the Human Resources Department of any organization. HR manager or HR Director has the power to make final decisions about employee recruitment, selection procedures, the grant of various social security benefits to employees, reward and punishment, employees' capacity building and training, recreational activities, promotions etc. To become HR manager, you must have experience of working as HR Officer and wide range of experience of HR in public and private sector. The salary of HR manager ranges from 60,000 to 150,000

4. Staff development Officer

A PA degree holder can work in the capacity of Staff development officer in any Private or Govt. department. As, all the organizations and departments have the people working in it, the HR department is there in every organization. That's why PA degree holders can do job in HR department of any organization.

The responsibilities of  staff development officer are related to the well being and capacity building of the staff. He is usually responsible for conducting training, workshops and other capacity building events for the employees. He is also responsible for publishing any material that is for the development of the staff. The salary of this post ranges from 40,000 to 100,000-

5. Research associate/research officer

Every department and organization conducts some sort of research whether it is performance evaluation, feasibility study or public opinion survey. PA degree holders can do a job as research associate or a higher rank, research officer. Public administration professionals are employed usually social research that deals with a lot of people at a mass scale. the salary of research associate ranges PKR 30,000 - 50,000 and the salary of Research officer ranges from 40,000 - 100,000

6. Planning and Admin Officer

In the departments like social welfare, population welfare, NGOs, cultural groups, human resources organizations etc, BS in Public administration or an MA in Public administration can find a good job in planning and administration department. The salary of such post ranges from 50,000 to 150,000. It requires good experience and knowledge of job.

7. Employee relationship officer

This job is related to coordination and interaction among the employees of the organization. This is a sub capacity of HR department. This person is responsible for managing all employee matters like salary issues, leaves and fines issues, service and warnings etc. The employee of an organization contact this person if they have any issue regarding salary, training, working space, working timing etc. The salary for this post ranges PKR 40,000 to 100,000.

8. Lecturer - Professor

If you do M.Phil or PHD in Public Administration, You can become a teacher in Colleges and universities in both the Public and Private sectors. Everyone knows the salary and responsibilities of a professor. The salary ranges from 50,000- 150,000.

Job Opportunities for Public Administration students

The students of Public administration can do job in the following departments and organizations.

  • Human resources department of any organization
  • Public and Private organizations
  • NGOs
  • Social welfare department
  • Pakistan Poverty alleviation Fund
  • Pakistan Ehsaas Program
  • Digital Pakistan
  • Livestock and dairy development
  • Planning and development department
  • Cellular networks companies
  • Newspapers and Media houses
  • Private business and agencies
  • Self Business (Consultancy)
  • Colleges and Universities as a teacher

Public Administration Future and apprehensions

Public administration is an emerging field in Pakistan. It has a wide scope in other countries. Public administrator deals with people, not machines, the scope of Public administration will increase day by day. The world is shifting its focus from production and profit to the welfare and well being of employees. So, the Public Administration will gain more momentum in the coming days.

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