Be the best of whatever your are poem paraphrasing

Here are the simple words paraphrase of the poem Be the Best of Whatever You Are written by Douglas Malloch. The poet has given us a life learning lesson in this poem. The poem is a beautiful piece of writing by the poet. Here is the line by line and stanza wise Paraphrasing of the poem is very simple and easy language.

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Be the Best of Whatever you are the poem Paraphrase

Stanza 1:

If you are unable to become a pine tree grown on a hill-top, just become a little scrub in the valley the is the best little scrub grown on the side of the stream. If you can't be a tree, be a bush.

Stanza 2:

If you still can't be a bush, just become a piece of grass. And to make some highway happier, become a bass if you cannot become muskie. But you must become the liveliest bass in the lake.

Stanza 3:

We all cannot become captains as some of us have to become a crew. All of us have some duties and functions. For some people, these are big work to do and for some, there is very little work. Ant the work we all have to do is lying near us.

Stanza 4:

If you cannot become a highway, become a small path. If you cannot become the Sun then just become a star. The size does not matter in failure or success. Whatever you are, be the best of it.

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