The most beautiful flower poem paraphrasing stanza by stanza

The paraphrasing of the poem The most beautiful flower is given here on Study Pak. Study Pak provides you the paraphrasing of all famous English Poems. This poem The most beautiful flower is written by Cheryl L. Costello-Forshey. The poetess has given us a very strong message in this poem.

The most beautiful flower Poem Paraphrase of all stanzas

Now let's paraphrase the poem line by line:

Stanza 1:

The park bench was empty and alone when I sat on it to read. It was lying beneath an old willow tree with long straggly branches. I had realized the truth of life and this was the reason I had a frown. Because the world was determined to degrade me.

Stanza 2:

All the stuff I faced was enough to ruin my day. A young boy who was out of breath and looked tired of playing came to me. He stood in front of me with his head bent down. He exclaimed with excitement that he found something special there.

Stanza 3:

He had a flower in his hands. The flower was looking pitiful with torn petals. Perhaps it had received a little rain or sunlight. As he was offering me the flower, I wanted him to go off with his flower and leave me alone. I gave a fake smile to pretend my pleasure and I moved away.

Stanza 4:

But the boy, instead of going away, came closer to me and sat beside me. Then he took the flower to his nose and told with an exaggerated surprise that the flower smelt sweet and it was beautiful too. The boy told me that he picked it for its sweet smell and beauty. It is for you.

Stanza 5:

The flower was dry and dead in front of me. It had become colorless. But I knew that I had to take this flower from the boy otherwise he would not go away. So, I tried to take the flower from the boy and said that I actually need that.

Stanza 6:

But instead of putting the flower on my hand, he just held it in the air without any reason or intention. It was the point when I first time noticed that the boy could not see. He was blind.

Stanza 7:

When I thanked him for the best flower, I heard that my voice was quivering and the tears from my eyes were shining in the sun. "You are welcome!" he said to me smiling and ran off to play. He was unaware of the impact that he had on my day.

Stanza 8:

I sat there wondering how the boy managed to see a self-pitying woman sitting beneath an old willow tree. How he came to know about my inner unfortunate situation? Perhaps he was granted true inner sight by God. 

Stanza 9:

At least I could see through the eyes of a blind boy that the problem did not lye in the world. It was me who had a problem inside. I had been blind myself in all those troublesome times. I then vowed to see the beauty of life and to relish and praise my every second of my life.

Stanza 10:

I then brought the whithered flower to my nose and breathed in the sweet smell of the beautiful flower. And then I watched that young boy holding another weed in his hand and smiled. He was now going to change the life of another old man as he changed mine.

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