The most beautiful flower poem questions answers notes

In this post, I have given the answers to the questions of the poem The Most Beautiful Flower written by Cheryl L. Costello Forshey. I have explained the most important questions from the poem and the answers are given below every question. In Fact, these are questions answers solved notes for class 6 to class 11 students. As there are different grades students studying this poem in different countries.

The Most Beautiful Flower Poem Questions Answers

The important questions answers of the poem are given below. These notes are specially made for HSSC 1 (class 11) students of Federal Board of Pakistan, but the students across the globe who will study this poem under their syllabus can benefit from this post equally.

Exercise questions

Q.1. Why is the old lady sitting under a willow tree? Why not some other tree?
The old lady was sad and hurt. She had painful feelings that she had lost everything. That's why she selected a willow tree for its straggly branches that could represent her own complicated thoughts and mashed up feelings. (38 words)

Q.2. what is the old lady’s attitude towards the intruding boy at first? What is her attitude towards the boy after she finds out that he was blind?
When the boy came to the old lady, she did not paid attention to the boy. She was much involved in her own thoughts and wanted the boy to leave. But when she realized that the boy was blind, she thanked him for giving her a beautiful flower. She began to think differently. (53 words)

Q.3. Do you know that the willow tree is also called a ‘weeping willow’?
Yes. The weeping willow is a type of willow tree. It is called weeping willow for its shower-like branches bending to the ground just like showers of tears. It looks as if the tree is crying. (35 words)

Q.4. This change of attitude towards the boy also brings about a change in here attitude towards life. What is that change? How would you describe here attitude towards life before and after the incident?
The change in attitude towards the boy also changed here negative thoughts about life. She became optimistic. Before the incident, she was helpless taking life as misery and destruction. But after the incident, she realized that the problem lied in her own thinking, not in the real world. She started exploring joy in every happening. (58 words)

Extra questions:

Q.5. How did the flower in the hands of the boy actually look?
The flower was in a pitiful condition with petals are worn. It did not look as beautiful as it could be if it was fresh.

Q.6. Justify the title of the poem ‘The most beautiful flower”
The poem is a thought-provoking piece of poetry by Cheryl. It is the point of view of our own imagination that makes the things good or bad. The flower, which was actually not much beautiful, was the most beautiful in the eyes of the boy because he did not see it, he just smelt it. The flower had sweet smell, and that is the criteria of beauty. The poem has a relevant title. (73 words)

Q.7. What is the theme of the poem the Most beautiful flower?
See the answer: The theme of the poem the most beautiful flower 

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