Army Medical College admission guide 2020-2021

Army Medical College is a popular college in Rawalpindi. It was established in 1977. the aim of establishing this college was to produce doctors from within the army force. Initially, only army personnel were given admission but now the college offers admission to civilians and private candidates too.

how to get admission in Army medical college entry test

Army Medical College Admission Guide

Here is the complete guide for taking admission in Army Medical college. The college is working under the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Rawalpindi.

How to get admission in army medical college in 2020

The medical field is a dream of every young person. It is a very restricted profession in our society. For getting the degree of MBBS, bds or in other branches of medical the students have to join medical colleges. There are many medical colleges throughout the country. Army medical college is the best choice in Pakistan for the students of medicine. This college is providing the students with the degree of MBBS or BDS every year.

Here we will talk about the admission in army medical college. We will focus on the entry test, admission criteria, number of seats, eligibility, fees structure, merit calculation, and closing merit, etc.

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The Procedure of the Admission

The following procedure is adopted to get admission at Army Medical College at NUMS:

1. Entry Test

Entry test, for getting admission to Army medical college it is necessary for the students to pass the nums entry test. This test is very important for the student in medical line. This test was introduced in 2016. Here is important information about the test:

Duration:                   3 hours
MCQs:                      180
Negative Marking:    No
Biology MCQs:         70
Chemistry MCQs:     45
Physics MCQs:          45
English MCQs:          20
Passing Marks:          60%

Note: The test is conducted and managed by NTS.

It is necessary for the candidates to get 60% marks in this test. Otherwise the candidates will be unable to get admission in Army medical college. There are three types of admissions for the students in Army medical college. That include:

1. NUMS Cadets:

These seats or quota is reserved for NUMS students and the civilians. It is necessary for NUMS candidates to appear in the Entry test and get 60% marks in the test. Both male and female candidates can apply for nums cadets. It is not essential for the nums scared that they will get a job in Army e after completing their degree of MBBS. If someone wants to join the army as a captain doctor he will have to apply for this in the 3rd or 4th year.

2. Paying Cadets

This quota is reserved for the candidates who are the son or daughter of a retired army officer or those who are serving still in Army. 

Those who want to apply against the paying cadets should get a form from GHQ Office aur Soldier Board after the result of nerves they are to fill this form or submit as paying cadets. It is also necessary for the pain or additional selected candidates to pass the NUMS entry test. 

Without appearing in the nums Entry test there will be unable to get admission in Army medical college. After getting the degree of MBBS or BDS these candidates will get a job in Army as a captain doctor. Army itself will provide them at the job. They will serve the army at least for 13 years.

3. Medical Cadets:

This is the third type of student who can get admission in Army medical college for stop it is not necessary for medical students to pass the nums test only male candidates can apply for medical cadets. No female candidate can apply for medical cadets. For joining this field they are to visit the original website of Pakistan army. 

Their test is taken by Army it is taken in all the contents of Army. It is called initial test. This test is consist of academic or initial information full stop the candidate may apply for this in the month of June. 

Then they are to take physical test for the stop there is also a medical test of the student taken by Army. After the interview they are selected as medical cadets. 

First priority of medical candidates is Army medical college Rawalpindi. If the merit of the candidate is low then they are adjusted in BDS for stop there is also a choice for the medical candidates that they can also take admission in MHS centers throughout the country. 

After completing the degree of MBBS they are sent in the military training centers where they take the basic training of Army. 

They are also bound cadets. They also serve the army as captain doctor. They are posted in any CMC centers of Army throughout the country.

2. Distribution of Seats

The number of seats no we will talk about the number of seats in Army medical college stop it means that how many students of MBBS or BDS can get admission in this Medical College Photoshop seats are divided in three portions there are separate seeds for nums candidates, payin cadets, additional selected or for the foreign cadets. 

There are 40 seats of MBBS for nums candidates and 7 seats are for BDS. Both males and females can apply against the seeds full stop for medical candidates there are reserved hundred seats of MBBS and there are two seats of BDS. Only males candidates can apply against the seeds. 

There are also 250 seats of medical students in all Pakistan. There are also 13 seats of MBBS for pink and beads and there are also 33 seats of BDS for paying candidates. There are also 13 seats of MBBS aur 7 seats of BDS for foreign students. 

There are also 30 seats of MBBS for additional selected candidates full stop the students of medical from all over the country can apply against the above mentioned seats.

3. Fee Structure

Fee structure, fees structure is also different for different categories fee for nums cadets is 220000, the nums candidate have to pay this annual tuition fees. 

There is no fee for Medical Cadets in Army medical college. Therefore it is highly recommended for the students of Pakistan to apply against medical seats because the medical candidates also get 45000 scholarship every month for stop the pain carats also have to pay 45000 fee. 

There is is 90000 fee for additional selected candidates for stop. The fee for foreign students is $12000.

4. Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria or merit list of the previous years. For getting admission in Army medical college it is necessary for the NUMS candidates are the pink added to get 60% marks in the NUMS Entry test. 

For NUMS candidate merit calculation is 10% marks of Matric, 40% marks of HSSC and 50% marks of NUMS Entry test. In the same way, the medical candidates have to pass the intelligent, physical, and personality tests to take admission in Army medical college. 

It is conducted by Army. The students can apply for this post after the exams of intermediate part 2. Eligibility criteria for this post is 70% marks in Matric aur FSC part 1. Then the candidates will be able to get admission in Army medical college at the Medical cadets.

The conclusion to sum up the whole discussion is that if a student wants to get admission to Army medical college his academic carrier should be splendid. He should work very hard or get required marks in Matric or FSC and try to pass NUMS test in good marks. 

She should also so keep in touch with the students of MBBS or BDS so that he may learn about the latest trends. He should also concern with his teachers or parents so that they make guide him properly.

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