Top ten professsions for Women in Pakistan

In underdeveloped countries, women face many crises in their academic life. Nevertheless, every woman is willing to fulfill her dreams and use her potential for contributing to society. In countries like Pakistan, every educated woman faces the dilemma of choosing a profession.

jobs and professions suitable for girls in Pakistan

Top 10 Professions Suitable for Girls in Pakistan

Although civic equality is undeniable, the family system and norms of our society do not allow a woman to participate in any field. Due to this, many women feel disappointed and hopeless.

However, there are still much brighter possibilities which they can realize to begin their careers. Keeping this in view, we thought of guiding our educated women toward different fields which not only are progressive but also comply with the rules of our society. 

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Best jobs and careers for women in Pakistan

Here is the list of all top best careers and jobs for girls in Pakistan

1. Teaching

Teaching is the most appropriate and desirable profession for Pakistani girls. As Pakistani girls are supposed to manage their households as well, they have to do a balanced job. In the sense that the job must not divert their attention from domestic affairs. Teaching is a peaceful and instructive job and suits almost girls belonging to any class of society. 
  • Teaching takes not much time out of your daily routine. 
  • It is a respectful, productive and interactive profession. 
  • In the field of teaching, you are given a sufficient salary without excessive workload. 
  • You enjoy summer and winter vacations with a salary without work. 
  • You can also be a tutor in the evening.
We recommend the girls to start teaching in government institutes. Vacancies for school teachers and lecturers are announced through NTS, PPSC, and FPSC over time.

2. Fashion Designing

The Pakistani fashion industry is growing day by day. Fashion designing, therefore, promises a handsome amount of monthly income. If you are interested in designing clothes and know the basics of it, you can easily pursue this field. Different government institutes offer different short-courses of fashion designing. Moreover, degree programs are also offered in prestigious universities for girls who can afford the expensive fees.
  • It is a creative and progressive profession.
  • It makes you the creator of the latest fashion trends.
  • You can start your boutique online with no investment.
  • There are many possibilities of being hired by famous brands if you design exceptionally.

3. Arts and Crafting

The third important career for girls in Pakistan is creating arts and crafts. Girls who are interested in creating new things and crafts can easily polish their skills in different institutes. This field allows you to be innovative.
  • A creative and interesting profession.
  • It enhances your creative abilities.
  • It gives you the possibilities to present your work on a national and international level.
  • A girl who excelled in crafting can become a successful event designer.

4. Nursing

Nursing is another feminine dominated profession. Besides being a profession, it is also a humanistic activity. It allows you to understand the psyches of parents and the ways to treat them well. Nurses are also recruited through provincial selection boards like PPSC and SPSC.
  • A positive and humanistic job full of learning and experience.
  • Nurses are also paid a sufficient amount of money for living.
  • This profession increases your exposure.

5. Freelancing

Another profession appropriate for Pakistani students is freelancing. Freelancing requires you to enhance your abilities first and then join the online market. By doing so, you would be able to earn ample money. It includes fields of data entry, data mining, graphics designing, content writing, and web development.
  • Girls belonging to the field of information technology and computer science are given an edge in this profession.
  • It is up to your skills that how much you earn. You cannot even imagine as to how your little work can earn you a large amount of money.
  • You can even do this job while sitting at home.

6. Banking

Another peaceful office job for Pakistani girls is banking. Although there are already many women in this field, if your management and commercial skills are good, you can join any bank.
  • Banking is another good choice for women.
  • A woman does not have to roam outside in public places to convince people.
  • It does not create distractions in domestic life.
  • Sufficient salary packages are given.

7. Psychiatry

Psychiatry is another field suitable for girls. It is particularly a suggestion for the girls doing FSc Pre-Medical. To pursue this domain girl can do BS in Psychology from any HEC-recognized university. Psychiatry is a field full of learning and exposure. You get to meet different types of people and listen to their problems. This helps you develop a better understanding of life.
  • It helps you understand the complexity of human nature.
  • It teaches you how to interact with other people.

8. International Organizations

Many international organizations recruit females for involving them in the fieldwork of social activism. Organizations like the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO) and other human rights organizations give a larger space to women. Besides offering them opportunities, such organizations also ensure considerable incentives.
  • In such organizations, you get more exposure and experience.
  • Rigorous learning and professionalism are ensured.
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9. Journalism and Media

Many media houses and TV channels are hiring more women than men. This is so because the demand for female workers like journalists, anchorpersons, writers, photographers etc is rising day by day. All media houses, TV channels, radio channels, and production houses a higher 80% female staff. There are millions of females reporters and journalists across the globe. In Pakistan, the cope of journalism is very broad. Females can work as reporters, newscasters, models, actors, writers, photographers, survey reporters, editors, producers, hosts, columnists, etc.

There is no physical work in this field. The salary is high. The jobs are safe and prestigious. So this is again the best field for women in Pakistan.

10. Photography

Photography is another emerging profession for women. We have never been involved in this field before. However, now the trend is growing day by day. With the advancements of tools, photography has become quite easier. 

Moreover, it pays you a lot. If you are interested in taking photos, you should enhance your skills and join the field. Nowadays, families hire female photographers for event photography. Although this trend is not common in small cities, in metropolitan areas women are joining this field. If you are still thinking of doing something, consider it as an option. 

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