Themes of poem casabianca by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Here are all the themes in the poem Casabianca by F.D Hemans. The poet has skilfully related a story to different realities of life. So, The poem has more than one theme. We will discuss all theme of the poem one by one.

Themes in the Poem Casabianca

The poem Casabianca has the following themes

1. Theme of Obedience

Obedience is the dominant theme of this poem. Casabianca is the obedient son. His obedience is reflected in two ways. In one way, Casabianca was obedient to his father. As a son, he kept asking his father for seeking his permission to leave the ship. He kept calling 'father, father' till his last breath. This was the greatest form of obedience. He put his own life in threat just to get the directions from his father. In a second way, he was obedient to his master, since his father was also commanding him. He sacrificed his life but did not comprise on obedience and respect.

2. Theme of Responsibility

The character of Casabianca was a living example of responsibility. Casabianca was commanded by his father to move the ship. He had the choice to escape the ship to save his life. But he stayed there to fulfill his responsibility. Responsibility was the highest priority for him. He fulfilled his responsibility. Had he abandoned the ship, he would not become responsible. But he exemplified the true sense of responsibility through his act of staying there.

3. The theme of Honor

A wise man has said,
Honour may not win power, but it wins respect. And respect earns power.
This is truly reflected in the character of Casabianca. He did not care for survival and died an honorable death. His struggle in the midst of dangerous conditions earned her much respect than he could have achieved by surviving. He did not die but became immortal in the hearts of many people. Casabianca's death shows that the death of dignity is a thousand times worthier than the death of cowardice and docility.

4. The theme of Bravery

Although Casabianca was young, he was determined and passionate about his cause. He was encircled by harsh conditions. It did not make him lose the ground. He faced everything with bravery. Usually, young people are most likely to be fearful in times of danger. But he went beyond the constraints of age and set an incredible example of bravery.

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