Theme of the poem when I am an old lady

Here is the theme of the poem when I am an old lady written by Joanne Bailey Baxter. We can find the following themes of the poem.

Themes in the Poem When I am an old lady

The poem has the following theme:

1. Parenthood and Childhood

The main theme of this poem is the depiction of experiences of parenthood and childhood. The poetess has beautifully explored the behavior of kids, as she mentioned their acts of naughtiness and innocence. Moreover, she describes the mental and physical efforts parents make to do the upbringing of their kids. She convinces us of the fact that it is not an easy task to bear the irritating acts of kids. However, it is the love of parents that allows them to tolerate such acts and even smile at these happenings.

2. Nature of Children

The nature of every child is carefully depicted in this poem. It is meant to say that the poetess has minutely described the details of the acts children do. The naughtiness and innocence of children are described in a very humorous way. The poetess has not referred to the nature of children directly pointing them out. Rather she imaginatively puts herself in the place of kids and imagines doing such acts. Children usually tease their parents in their childhood and constantly learn from their experiences. In this way, a minute description of childish nature and child psychology is given in this poem.

3. The Dependency of Family Relations

In the institution of family, each individual is dependent on the others for the fulfillment of emotional and physical needs. This dependency is shown in this poem. It is shown that in childhood, children depend on their parents for learning; in their pursuit of learning, they do mischievous acts like the ones mentioned in the poem. Moreover, as their physical abilities diminish, parents have to rely upon their children for passing their lives. And children also have to act in the same way as their parents did.

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