Theme of poem be the best of whatever you are

The theme of the poem be the best of Whatever you are is given below. Please see that there are three types of themes from the poem has been given separately. You can write the complete theme in your exams paper too.

Be the best of whatever you are theme

Here I can find the following themes from the poem:

1. The Theme of Meaning of Life

The canvas of the poet is large because he is talking about life. Life is of no use unless it is motivated by meaning or purpose. It is the meaning of life that is the driving force for our actions. For meaning, we live and seek ways for serving our purpose. The poem allows us to think about the meaning of our lives. Without meaning, life is equal to the repetition of habits. The natural objects like pine, scrub, tree, grass - they all symbolize different purposes of life. In this way, the poem also talks about the meaning of life.

2. The theme of Multiplicity of Possibilities

The poet has beautifully described life as having multiple possibilities for us. The main verses of the poem talk about this characteristic of human life. For instance, the poet, through many natural objects, try to show how much diverse life is. This multiplicity of possibilities is the beauty of life. It also makes us hopeful that if we are unable to do one thing well, we are most likely to do the other thing well.

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3. The theme of Self-Realization

The main theme of the poem, which is also related to the previously mentioned themes and is the title of the poem, is self-realization. It means the fulfillment of one's personality by oneself. The greatest thing you can do with your meaning of life is self-realization. If you have sought the purpose of your life, the next step would be to invest all of your efforts in your self-realization. And it is through the self-realization that you reveal your purpose of life.

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