Theme and lesson of Laughing Rose poem by WH Davies

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Themes of the Poem Laughing Rose 

The poem Laughing rose has the following themes

1. The theme of nature

We see a very clear depiction of natural beauty and the processes of nature. The poem talks about multiple natural elements. The main character of the poem is the laughing rose which is actually blooming. Moreover, the poet imagines himself a month of spring. In this way, the poem is very romantic apparently. But through natural objects, it points toward the great lessons of life. Hence, romanticism pervades the whole of this poem. The depiction and appreciation of beauty constitute its theme.

2. Theme of duality

Most of the things in this world happen to be in binary relations. For example, good and evil, encourage and discourage, sky and earth, et cetera. The same theme of duality in infused in the poem. It talks about the two faces of April, gusty and merry. The poet first imagines himself to be 'gusty April' and shows its nature and effects. In the second stanza, the poet becomes 'merry April' and shows its nature and effects. In this way, the theme of duality is very important to be considered in the poem.

3. The theme of altruism

This is the most important theme in the poem. Altruism is the quality of selflessness and living for others. This theme is used through the laughing flower. The flower is shown to be the epitome of altruism. Irrespective of the way April treats it, the flower keeps giving smiles. It has to reveal its own essence of altruism. Hazrat Ali says, 
Be like the flower that even gives its fragrance to the hand that crushes it
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Lessons from the Poem laughing rose

The poem Laughing rose gives us the following lessons:

1. We should be the best of ourselves

We are a combination of binary relations. Like all other things, human beings also have two types of elements within themselves: good and evil. The poet has given the message that we should try to be the best of ourselves. If we acknowledge that both good and evil are the forces present within us, we must try to exercise the force of goodness. Like the poet, we must not become 'gusty April' but 'merry April'.

2. We should treat others with kindness

In our daily lives, kindness is very important. Most of the things we cannot do are the result of our harsh attitudes. With kindness, one can melt the hearts of others. Kindness allows oneself to conquer people. He has shown two attitudes. Out of which 'merry April' is the ideal because it is kind and gentle.

3. We should bring happiness to others

We must remove the false concept that our possessions fully belong to us. In fact, they do not. Likewise, happiness also doubles when it is shared with others. It is the quality of being human to divide good things among those who do not have them. And what could be more precious than happiness? So we should also bring happiness to others like the laughing flower without caring how others treat us.

4. We should enhance the beauty

Not everyone is interested in beauty. Only beautiful people see beautiful things.. And it is very much true. Because the same thing appears to everyone. But only people of beauty are able to see and enhance beauty. Therefore, it is advised to increase the beauty in this world.

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