The road not taken theme of the poem

The poem The road not taken has been written by Robert Frost. The poet has given us many themes in the poem. The themes of the poem have separately been described here.

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Themes in the Poem The Road Not Taken

The poem has the following themes:

1. Freedom & Responsibility 

It is usually believed that our lives are absolutely predetermined by God. Robert Frost, however, denies this view. He maintains that God has given us the liberty to make picks. In this poem, the poet has also portrayed himself as having freedom. He was not forced to make any desire. Rather it was he who had to make a decision. But freedom cannot be exercised without bearing responsibility. In the end, the poet is seen happy with his choice. And in this way, he has become responsible for his actions.

2. Dilemma of Choices

Making a choice is not an easy task. The poem visualizes much of our life experiences. In our lives, we are unable to make every choice or select every option. Rather we select few options from many. This dilemma of choices gives rise to anxiety and fear. However, these two have to be overcome by us. In the poem, the poet says I stood for a long time to think which path should I travel. Rather than lingering in questioning he made a preference and vanished his perplexity with responsibility.

3. Nature

Many literary critics keep in mind that Robert Frost to be a romantic poet.. Romantic in the sense he frequently depicted natural scenarios and objects in his poetry. He also uses natural objects like forests, grass, leaves to convey his message. Therefore, romanticism is also a major theme in this masterpiece by Frost.

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