The Road Not Taken Summary of the poem

This is the short summary of the poem The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. I have given here the introduction and summary of the poem. The stanza by stanza summary of the poem is given. There is a summary of this poem on brainly. But this one is better than that.

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Introduction of the poem

Robert Frost was an American poet. He wrote many beautiful poems. All of them deliver insightful and powerful messages for us. This poem is also a masterpiece by Robert Frost. It talks about the frequent responsibility of life: to make choices. In our lives, we make different picks regularly. Each of them determines our future. The most interesting point about choices is that we are usually given many options, but we have to take one most of the time.
You are the creator of your destiny
says Oscar Wilde. As Wilde says, our choices play an important role in shaping our upcoming life. The poet puts this very theme in the poem, thus leaving valuable lessons for life. Structurally, the poem contains four stanzas. 
Summary of the poem the road not taken pdf

Summary of the poem The Road Not taken 

The poem begins at the point when the poet faces two paths with different directions in a forest. The poet faces the dilemma because there are two paths, and he has to choose one to walk on. He stands there for a while to decide which path should he choose. At this, the poet attempts to reflect on consideration on how each route is. After considering the two ways, he decides to start walking on the course that he considers right for him.

He additionally realizes that there are not any apparent differences between the two paths. But to justify his choice he says that I choose to walk on this path because fewer people have traveled on it. However, when he proceeds, he finds that this path is also walked over by many people. He says that one that morning, I had the freedom to choose any of the ways. 

He walked on one road and spared the other for the future, knowing that the path he has chosen will lead to another path. And that he will not be able to revert his decision. In the end, the poet thinks that one day he will tell others that I chose the path which was less traveled by. That was what he could do.

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