The lesson we learn from Casabianca Poem

The lesson from the poem Casabianca by Felicia Dorothea Hemans. F.D Hemans have given us an important lesson and message in this poem.

Lessons from the Poem Casabianca

We get the following lessons from the poem Casabianca

1. We should be obedient toward our parents

The most important in this poem is obedience - as we have discussed above. Casabianca showed obedience to his father even in the moments of death. This is the highest form of gratitude towards parents. Parents are those who bring us up. Therefore, we are morally bound to respect and obey them. What's more, Casabianca's character is the best to follow right now. Since he has indicated the most significant level of acquiescence during the wartime.

2. Be responsible for your duties

Another lesson of this poem is that everyone should keep it in mind that his duties are important for him. We should not make any mistakes while performing his duties. We should think before taking responsibilities. But once we have taken it, we must fulfill it to the possible extent. An irresponsible person is usually signified by his timidity and fearfulness. A responsible person, however, shows the spirit of courage and bravery. It is also a sign of maturity to take responsibility seriously.

3. We should not be afraid of death

Fear of death is what makes most people timid and fearful. But we should not be afraid of death. Everyone who is afraid of death is also certain of it. So the question is that why should we fear something which is certain? Our fearfulness cannot make us immortal. After all, one has to die. And nothing can save us from death. Therefore, we should accept death as Casabianca did.

4. Have something great to die for

As said earlier, one has to die someday. But what makes great people's deaths so significant. It is that they do not merely die. They die for a purpose. And even life is useless without purpose. Our purposes should be great. Like Casabianca, we should not avoid even death in the pursuit of magnificent purposes.

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